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Departmental Resources

The following are training resources shared by departments to ensure access to other departments.

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M365 Community of Practice

The mission of the M365 CoP is to increase the collective knowledge and experience in digital transformations linked to the adoption of M365.

365Connect - 2023 June 16

This event offered insight into the deployment and operation of this collaboration platform, straight from SSC implementers who have been through it first-hand.

Shared Services Canada

Department of Fisheries and Oceans

MS Teams

  1. Microsoft Teams Training Manual
  2. Teams Permissions and Restrictions
  3. Work from Home with Microsoft Teams EN
  4. Microsoft Teams Meeting Guide EN.pdf
  5. Hosting Breakout Sessions in Microsoft Teams EN.pdf
  6. Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams Meetings Guide EN.docx
  7. Shifts for Team Members in Microsoft Teams EN.pdf
  8. Teams Instructor Led Training Agenda EN
  9. Teams Instructor Led Training Invitations
  10. Teams Instructor Led Training Presentation EN
  11. Teams Instructor Led Training Script EN
  12. Microsoft Teams Training Module 1 EN
  13. Microsoft Teams Training Module 2 EN
  14. Microsoft Teams Training Module 3A EN
  15. Microsoft Teams Training Module 3B EN
  16. Microsoft Teams Training Module 4 EN

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M365 Training Feedback

Attributions and Sources

Attributions and Sources