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What is Lifting As You Lead Mentoring Circles Program (LLMC)?

As a leader in our community, the Diversity and Inclusion team is calling on you to join the Lifting as you Lead Mentoring Circles (LLMC) program. The LLMC program is an initiative grounded in the 2020/2021 Deputy Minister Commitments on Diversity and Inclusion and strives to build on the Clerk’s Call to Action to better support leadership development towards addressing anti-racism, equity, and inclusion in the federal public service. Through this lens, the LLMC program provides you with an innovative space and opportunity to actively partake in making your workplace inclusive.

This ten-week program, consisting of five Circle sessions and five optional enrichment sessions, provides a platform for members to network with colleagues and leadership across the federal public service while developing interpersonal skills, learning about key leadership and cultural competencies, and finding career building opportunities.

Register now to secure your seat! Application deadline: Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Why Participate?

The Diversity and Inclusion Office (DIO) Team believes that through participation in this program, Circle members will continue to be inspired by the connections made, grow their networks, elevate their knowledge and use this to inspire others.

About the Program

The Lifting as You Lead (LLMC) program is offered in a mentoring circles format where federal public service members at all classification groups and levels across all departments within the Government of Canada collaborate to discuss personal and professional topics (Confidence and Career Building, Leadership Essentials, Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion, Negotiation, and Work Life Balance).

During the program, mentoring circle members discuss virtually a new discussion theme every other week led by rotating Circle leaders and consist of between 6 and 10 participants. Not only will your presence elevate and enrich the experience of the Circles, but it also will provide you with the opportunity to expand and diversify your federal public service network thereby increasing professional opportunities. The optional information sessions are an opportunity to learn some practical steps you can take as you move forward in your career and will be related to the content of the previous week’s Circle.

Program Completion

A certificate of completion will be provided to all participants who actively participate in the program.


The LLMC program is created to develop leaders at all levels and foster a deeper sense of community and belonging for the people in our organizations. We are committed to taking major, measurable actions so that members with diverse backgrounds and abilities are able to access opportunities, are celebrated and valued for their differences, and can thrive in a welcoming, safe, secure, and inclusive workplace. There’s power in people coming together!


We are looking for any federal public servants who have support from their supervisor to participate in the program.

Everyone means everyone. Take the 3-3-3 challenge and recruit from the EX-community, management and members from coast to coast. Let’s surround ourselves with people who will lift you higher. We look forward to welcoming you to the program. Let’s work together to foster a greater sense of community and belonging within the public service.

Official Languages

There is no official language requirement to participate in the program. The program’s learning components will be provided in both official languages.


Official launch - on September 20, 2022 at 2:00 pm EST

  • Pre-Circle Check-In – A fifteen-minute meeting to take place between September 21th and September 23nd. This meeting will be an opportunity to meet your circle members and discuss key scheduling information.
  • The sessions will take place on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday of the following weeks: September 26th, October 10th, October 24th, November 7th and November 21st.
  • Optional enrichment sessions will take place at 1:00pm EDT on the following dates: October 5th, October 19th, November 2nd, November 16th and November 29th.
  • Mentoring circles will be 60-75 minutes in length, once every two weeks.

Optional enrichment sessions

# Session Date Topic Invitation Speaker Materials Recordings
Session 1 October 5 Confidence and Career Building Session Details Emeka Nwarulor Presentation Part 1 - Presentation

Part 2 - Q&A

Session 2 October 19 Leadership Essentials Session Details Kathy Lusk

Kirk/Kaiya Hamilton

Johnny Sfeir

n/a Link
Session 3 November 2 Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion Session Details Kathryn Foss

Anik Desrochers

Presentation Link
Session 4 November 16 Negotiation - Becoming a Better Negotiator Session Details Melanie Michaud Presentation Link
Session 5 December 13 Work Life Balance Session Details Manali Haridas RESET Worksheet



Program Guide

Mentoring Circles Program Guide

Code of Conduct

Circle Leader Training Presentation

Circle Leader Training Video

Discussion Guides

The program curriculum, including learning materials and a resource guide are provided.

Program discussion guides are specific to each Circle session theme. They help guide participants and circle session leaders through the program. The discussion guides contain a variety of information such as an overview of the theme, learning objectives, activities, and references to related content.

Session # Discussion Guides
Session 1 Confidence and Career Building
Session 2 Leadership Essentials
Session 3 Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion
Session 4 Negotiation - Becoming a Better Negotiator
Session 5 Work Life Balance

Accessible Versions
# Dicussion Guides
Session 1 Confidence and Career Building
Session 2 Leadership Essentials
Session 3 Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion
Session 4 Negotiation - Becoming a Better Negotiator
Session 5 Work Life Balance

Circle Leader Training

For better understanding how to conduct program sessions there are training videos for each specific discussion guide

Watch recordings Youtube.png

Promotional Kit

You are encouraged to promote this program and the resource guides within your organization. Within this page, you will find a promotional kit that you and your team can use to share information with your team and help start or continue the conversation about equity, diversity, accessibility, and inclusion.

Other LLMC Cohorts


2021 Testimonials




We welcome your feedback

Do you have questions about LLMC? Reach out anytime to ask a question or just send us your suggestions to [Team, Materiel Group, L1 Diversity and Inclusion Office]