LLMC 2021 Testimonials

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  • “My LLMC experience circle was composed of people from three different departments. What was most remarkable was that throughout the sessions, as members became more and more comfortable with each other and we started sharing our formative, sometimes vulnerable experiences, it became clear that what we went through on an individual basis was shared on the collective, even across departments. The sessions were very powerful. Thank you to the LLMC team for extending the invitation, and introducing thought-provoking discussion topics to us! Clicking the sign-up button was a small action that led to my most memorable collaboration of 2021.” Karla, Health Canada
  • "I welcomed the chance to participate in the LLMC but I was concerned about how I would be treated and how the experience would be. As a Caucasian English male, I had become accustomed to being included in the stereotypical group as the lowest on the intersectionality scale, and often receiving the blame for all the world's problems. I was pleasantly surprised that all of the members of my circle, no matter their gender, background, experience, were genuinely all working together to increase understanding. All of us were welcomed and accepted. We had many potentially flammable conversations but we did it with respect and patience and I think we all grew from the experience. I look forward to attending the next LLMC”. Rod, Royal Canadian Navy
  • “The experience was extraordinary, all the more so as it was connected to work. One never imagines that such honest discourse would take place during these 5 weeks of Mentoring Circles among colleagues. Everyone in my circles felt safe enough to express themselves openly on each weekly theme”. Theresa, National Defence
  • “This program has enhanced my knowledge of the topics discussed, offered me the opportunity to have meaningful and complex conversations on those topics and increased my network within the public service. I believe all of these will lead to future positive changes, both personally and professionally”. Kelly, Employment and Social Development Canada
  • “The LLMC was a great opportunity to learn the difference between a mentor and sponsor and to learn from a diverse group of employees across the various federal departments and agencies and their experiences in the public service”. Bonnie-Jane, Health Agency
  • “This was a great experience. I learned so much, from the materials and from my colleagues. It strengthened my identity and commitment as a public servant. I am telling colleagues to join the next cohort”. Anonymous