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M365 Training Materials and Events

Here you'll find a collection of various M365-related training products to support public servants from across the GC. Click on one of the following icons to get started:

Virtual Training.PNG Blank.png Accessibility.PNG Blank.png
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Training Materials by Application

Teams.PNG Blank.png PowerPoint.PNG Blank.png SharePoint.PNG Blank.png OneNote.PNG Blank.png Word.PNG Blank.png Excel.PNG Blank.png
Outlook.PNG Blank.png OneDrive1.png Blank.png Planner.PNG Blank.png PowerBI.PNG Blank.png PowerAutomate.PNG Blank.png PowerApp.PNG
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Other Training Materials

Here you'll find a collection of learning materials sorted by type to support how you want to learn the various applications of the M365 suite of applications.

Learning Paths.PNG Blank.png Learning Events.PNG Blank.png Admin - EN.PNG Blank.png Departments.PNG Blank.png Guides.PNG Blank.png Templates.PNG Blank.png
Videos.PNG Blank.png Webinars.PNG Blank.png Articles.PNG Blank.png Infographics.PNG Blank.png Communities.PNG Blank.png Social Media.PNG Blank.png
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