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Outlook - Training Materials[edit source]

Below is a collection of Outlook training products to support public servants. Click on one of the following resources or feel free to add your own.

Articles and other Documents[edit source]

Departmental Resources[edit source]

Various departments and agencies across the GC are developing content to support the adoption of M365 applications. Instead of creating your own, review the content that is already shared here. If you have drafted content, please consider sharing it for your colleagues. Click here to add your own.

Quick Guides[edit source]

For Windows For Mac
1. Outlook - Guide - EN.PNG Blank.png 1. Outlook - Guide Mac - EN.PNG

Infographics[edit source]

Videos (Windows)[edit source]

Quick Start Create and send email Manage email
1. Outlook - Video - BIL.PNG Blank.png 2. Outlook - Video - BIL.PNG Blank.png 3. Outlook - Video - BIL.PNG
Organize your inbox Contacts and tasks Calendar
4. Outlook - Video - BIL.PNG Blank.png 5. Outlook - Video - BIL.PNG Blank.png 6. Outlook - Video - BIL.PNG

Videos (iOS/Android)[edit source]

Manage your Inbox Manage your time
7. Outlook - Video - BIL.PNG Blank.png 8. Outlook - Video - BIL.PNG
Search and share People and connections
9. Outlook - Video - BIL.PNG Blank.png 10. Outlook - Video - BIL.PNG

Videos (Web-based)[edit source]

Get started Learn more
11. Outlook - Video - BIL.PNG Blank.png 12. Outlook - Video - BIL.PNG

Learning Paths[edit source]

1. LP - Outlook - EN.PNG

Discussion Board[edit source]

Do you have a question about Outlook? Simply click here to join the community and get started.

Contact Us[edit source]

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