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PowerPoint - Training Materials

Below is a collection of PowerPoint training products to support public servants. Click on one of the following resources or feel free to add your own.

Articles and other Documents

Departmental Resources

Various departments and agencies across the GC are developing content to support the adoption of M365 applications. Instead of creating your own, review the content that is already shared here. If you have drafted content, please consider sharing it for your colleagues. Click here to add your own.

Quick Guides

For Windows For Mac
1. PowerPoint - Guide - EN.PNG Blank.png 1. PowerPoint - Guide Mac - EN.PNG


1. PowerPoint - IG - BIL.PNG Blank.png 9 ways to make your presentation accessible
50 PowerPoint shortcuts
7 ways to work together in PowerPoint

Videos (Beginners)

Quick start Intro to PowerPoint Slides & layouts
1. PP - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 2. PP - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 3. PP - Video - EN.PNG

Videos (Intermediate)

Text & tables Pictures & Graphics Present slideshows
4. PP - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 5. PP - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 6. PP - Video - EN.PNG
Animation, Video & Audio Share & Co-author
7. PP - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 8. PP - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png


Take a Tour Use 3D models Import your 3D models
1. PP - Template - BL.PNG Blank.png 2. PP - Template - BL.PNG Blank.png 3. PP - Template - BL.PNG

Discussion Board

Do you have a question about PowerPoint? Simply click here to join the community and get started.