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Teams.PNG Word1.PNG Excel1.PNG PowerPoint1.PNG SharePoint1.PNG OneNote1.PNG Outlook1.PNG OneDrive1.png Planner.PNG PowerBI.PNG PowerAutomate.PNG PowerApp.PNG


Teams (Beginners)

What is MS Teams? Welcome to MS Teams Get your team up and running
1. What is MS Teams.PNG Blank.png 2. Welcome to Teams.PNG Blank.png 3. Get your team up and running.PNG

Teams (Intermediate)

Go-to guide for team owners Organize your teams Overview of teams and channels
4. Go-to guide for Team owners.PNG Blank.png 5. Organize your teams list.PNG Blank.png 6. Overview of teams and channels.PNG
Show and hide channels Work in channels Send email to a channel
7. Show and hide channels.PNG Blank.png 8. Work in channels.PNG Blank.png 9. Send email to a channel.PNG
Create and format a post Get attention with @mentions Save a post or a message
10. Create and format a post.PNG Blank.png 11. Get attention with @mentions.PNG Blank.png 12. Save a post or a message.PNG
Start and pin chats Create instant meetings
13. Start and pin chats.PNG Blank.png 14. Create instant meetings with Meet now.PNG Blank.png

Teams (Advanced)

Managing meetings Use apps Turn a file into a tab
15. Managing meetings.PNG Blank.png 16. Use apps.PNG Blank.png 17. Turn a file into a tab.PNG
Use the command box Filter your activity Managing notification settings
18. Use the command box.PNG Blank.png 19. Filter your activity feed.PNG Blank.png 20. Managing notification settings.PNG

Word (Beginners)

Create a document in Word Write and edit Format text
1. Word - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 3. Word - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 4. Word - Video - EN.PNG

Word (Intermediate)

Lay out pages Insert tables, pics & watermarks Save and print
5. Word - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 6. Word - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 7. Word - Video - EN.PNG
Share and co-author Write an equation or formula
8. Word - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 9. Word - Video - EN.PNG

Excel (Beginners)

Create a workbook in Excel Create a new workbook Formulas in Excel
1. Excel video - EN.PNG Blank.png 2. Excel video - EN.PNG Blank.png 3. Excel video - EN.PNG

Excel (Advanced)

Create and format tables Create a chart Create a PivotTable to analyze data
4. Excel video - EN.PNG Blank.png 5. Excel video - EN.PNG Blank.png 6. Excel video - EN.PNG

PowerPoint (Beginners)

Quick start Intro to PowerPoint Slides & layouts
1. PP - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 2. PP - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 3. PP - Video - EN.PNG

PowerPoint (Intermedieate)

Text & tables Pictures & Graphics Present slideshows
4. PP - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 5. PP - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 6. PP - Video - EN.PNG
Animation, Video & Audio Share & Co-author
7. PP - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 8. PP - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png


Create a team or communication site Use, filter, and update a list Sync SharePoint files and folders
1. Create a team or communication site.PNG Blank.png 2. Use, filter, and update a list.PNG Blank.png 3. Sync SharePoint files and folders.PNG


Create a notebook in OneNote Start using OneNote
1. Create a notebook in OneNote.PNG Blank.png 2. Start using OneNote.PNG

OneDrive (Beginners)

What is OneDrive? Getting Started with OneDrive How to upload files
1. What is OneDrive..PNG Blank.png 2. Get started with OneDrive.PNG Blank.png 3. Upload files and folders in OneDrive.PNG

OneDrive (Intermediate)

OneDrive Basics Create files and folders Share OneDrive Files and folders
4. OneDrive Basics.PNG Blank.png 5. Create files and folders in OneDrive.PNG Blank.png 6. Share OneDrive files and folders.PNG
Delete and restore deleted files Sync OneDrive files and folders Upload files and folders
7. Delete and restore files in OneDrive.PNG Blank.png 8. Sync OneDrive files and folders.PNG Blank.png 10. Upload files and folders.PNG
Sync files with OneDrive Files on Demand Share files & folders with O365
10. Sync files with OneDrive Files on Demand.PNG Blank.png 11. Share files and folders.PNG


Quick start Publish content Plan an event
1. Planner - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 2. Planner - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 3. Planner - Video - EN.PNG
Use Planner Track a process Planner help
4. Planner - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 6. Planner - Video - EN.PNG Blank.png 5. Planner - Video - EN.PNG

Power Automate

Intro to Power Automate
1. PowerAutomate BIL.PNG