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Should I access MyGCPay to view my pay statements?

Yes. The MyGCPay Web application was designed for viewing one's pay statement in addition to the following functions:

  • Helping you better understand information regarding your pay and benefits
  • Providing the ability to print important documents, like tax slips and proof of employment
  • Accessing historical information, paycheques, benefits plans, enquiries, dating back to 2016

What is Phoenix and when do I need to access it?

Phoenix is the Government of Canada's pay and benefits application. Access Phoenix for self-service functions to:

  • Manage direct deposit information and voluntary deductions
  • Manage coverage under the Public Service Health Care Plan
  • Update employee-to-manager relationships
  • Report time
  • View payroll statements and tax slips (though, we suggest MyGCPay is the better application for this)

Will I receive benefits and if so, what are they?

Information related to benefits that are specific to you, will be provided to you by your Compensation Advisor. Please contact a member of the Compensation and Benefits Team at if you have any questions.

For questions related specifically to pension, please contact the Pension Centre at 1-800-561-7930 (or the Pension Portal for plan members).


What are my leave entitlements and how do I request leave?

Leave entitlements are outlined in relevant authorities. For questions on interpretation, please ask your manager. Managers looking for guidance may send an e-mail to the Labour Relations team:

For additional information on leave, please consult the Taking leave page.

Requesting Leave:

  • The Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is the self-serve system used by the ATSSC employees to request paid leave, such as vacation leave, sick leave, various family-related leave, etc. HRIS Leave Self-serve also allows you to view your leave balances and the history of the leave you have taken.

  • Employees who are entitled to paid leave—i.e., indeterminate or term (full-time/part-time) employees whose pay is being managed by the ATSSC Compensation and Benefits Team—can create a HRIS account.

    Note: If you have transferred to the ATSSC from another federal government department, only once your pay file has been transferred to the ATSSC will you be able to create an HRIS Leave Self-serve user account. If you are on secondment at the ATSSC, your pay continues to be managed by your home department (or the Public Service Pay Centre) and you will not have access to the HRIS.

For more information on HRIS, including special instructions for employees of the Social Security Tribunal secretariat, please visit our HRIS intranet page.