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Welcome to the CBC 2022 resource page!

The FYN team has gathered pertinent resources mentioned by speakers during their respective CBC sessions. This is not an exhaustive list and we encourage you to add any resources we have missed.

January 18, 2022

Demystifying the Building Blocks of the GC Hiring Process

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File:Poster - Applying to Public Services Processes.docx
LeadersGC Twitter Chat - Answering the call: Co-creating a public service that is truly inclusive and representative
Guidance Series - Assessment, Selection and Appointment
Polywogg HR Guide
Applying for Government of Canada jobs: What to expect
GC Jobs Maze
Effective  Merit Criteria - A closer look at job  opportunities in the public service
Interview Guide by Michel Brazeau
Career Basics (with English Subtitle)
Public Service Commission Tests
GC French Test Preparation - Facebook Group
[1]Self-declaring for Government of Canada jobs - Canada.ca
File:ISED Self ID FAQ EN (1).pdf
File:Public Service Hiring 101.pdf
File:How to Apply.pdf
File:SAMPLE Side by Side Assessment.doc

Stand-Out Resume Formats and Techniques

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GC Career Planning Quiz
File:Applying to Public Service Processes - Screening Questions and Resumes Resources -2021 - ENG.docx.pdf
Action Verbs // Verbes Daction
Reinvent Yourself Reinvent the Public Service
28th Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada
Resume Repository 
Free Agents/Meet - GCpedia
File:Presentation - Zineb Lahyane CFP-PSC.pptx
File:Alex Knowing your Skills and interests CBC Presentation EN.pptx
File:CBC bootcamp Ericka - resume examples - EN.ppt.pdf

January 19, 2022

When Demonstrating Your Experience, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple S'il-Vous-Plait)

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STAR Method (EN)
File:Applying to Public Service Processes - Screening Questions and Resumes Resources -2021 - ENG.docx.pdf
Repository of competency dictionaries
File:STAR examples.pdf
Canada.ca Content Style Guide
Plain Language

Strategically Building Your Career in the GC

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What government job should you have?
Find the job that's right for you in the Canadian public service | Apolitical
Key Leadership Competency profile and examples of effective and ineffective behaviours
Character Leadership at CRA - Sonia Cote
CSPS Learning Paths
Becoming a Manager: 6 Things No One Tells You (jodymichael.com)
Do I truly want to become a manager? - Know Your Team | Blog

Applying TikTok Principles to Interview Storytelling

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Nail your next government job interview — 5-minute watch 🎥 (apolitical.co)
File:Social media profile writing.png
How to master interview skills in the Canadian public service
The Art of the Pitch
File:STAR examples.pdf
File:Applying to Public Service Processes - Interview Preparation Workbook - 2021 - ENG (1).docx.pdf
3 templates to land your dream job in the public service
File:Maame De-Heer-Applying TikTok Principles to Interview Storytelling.pdf
File:Sidra - The story of you.pdf

January 25, 2022

Not Done Yet...Equip Yourself for Beyond the Process

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Guidance Series - Participating in Informal Discussion
File:Interview finished, what's next.pdf
File:Next Step getting your references in order.pdf
File:Public Service Hiring 101.pdf
File:Getting in the Pool (Bilingual).pdf

Influencing Your Reputation

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The Elements of Self-Reflection
Tools to help you with self-reflection
Personality Test
DISC personality test
Plum Profile
Career Profile Series-Networking in the Public Service- EP. 2 - YMAGIN/IMAJIN | Podcast on Spotify
Principles for blogging as a public servant | Sean Boots
File:CBC - Building a positive Reputation (Amanda Bernardo).pdf
File:EN Beyond 2020 & Digital Standards.ppt

Weighing Variables of Different Positions

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File:Tools to help you keep your manager updated (ENG).pdf
File:How to do a bilat with a supervisor (ENGLISH).pdf
File:PS Basics Infographic Optimizing Your BILAT (BILINGUAL).pdf
Reflect on your work values
Developing a Personal Accountability Framework (T201)
Self-Improvement for Lifelong Success (W017)
Gaining a Positive Perspective on Feedback (D011)
GoC Coaching Network : GCcollab
Life Speak
Lifting as you lead mentoring
Branding - Liz McKeown
File:CBC 2022 Finding what's important to you.pdf
File:Resource CBC 2022 Career Timeline and Wheel of Life Instructions.pdf
File:Create Your Own Career - EN - PDF Fillable Format.pdf
File:Create Your Own Career EN - Accessible Version.pdf

January 26, 2022

Nurturing Your Professional Support System

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File:Building and Maintaining Your Network.pdf
Federal Youth Network/Home
GoC Coaching Network : GCcollab
GC Diversity Networks - Réseaux de la-diversité-du GC - wiki (gccollab.ca)

Strategically Building Your Learning Plan to Connect to Needs

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Learning and development plan (canada.ca)
Learning paths
File:Career tool for government employees.pdf

Official Language tips for Public Servants

GCcampus: Introduction to Official Languages (P311)

Official Language tips for new Public Servants

Portal for public servants

Second language evaluation in the public service

List of Bilingual Regions of Canada for Language-of-Work Purposes

Intro to OL/ introduction aux LO

OLA Presentation LLO

Presentation Links/Enlaces de presentación

Learn and Practice French

Official Languages and Language Skills Maintenance

Language Maintenance Courses in GCcampus



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