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Welcome to the Mentoring Living Library / Bienvenue!

Come on in: All about this living library

The Mentoring Living Library is a grassroots initiative that provides young GofC professionals with the opportunity to informally connect with and learn from experienced employees. Mentees (or 'Books') are volunteers and have generously offered to share their time and individual stories with interested mentees. They also come from a wide range of levels and experience from within the federal government.

This library is evergreen: 'Books' will continue to be added over time.

Get your library card ready: How to 'check out' a mentor

Below, you will find all of the mentors participating in this living library as 'Books', along with their relevant details. You are welcome to scan through the collection on our shelf. When you find one who speaks to your interests and goals, you're ready for 'check out'! To borrow a 'Book', send them an email and schedule a one-on-one chat. The suggested amount of time for a chat is 30 minutes.

Just as you would with regular library books, please respect these Living Library 'Books'. Remember: they are volunteering their time and knowledge to you!

Mentoring 'Books' / Les 'livres' de mentorat

Name Position Title Department Email Twitter / LinkedIn Languages Interests
Wendy Bullion-Winters Head of Human Resources / Director General, Human Resources Management Canada School of Public Service @wendyBwinters Bilingual future of work, beyond 2020, public service renewal, continuous learning, diversity and inclusion

Kimberley Jessome

Director General, Investigations Public Service Commission Kimberley.jessome2@canada N/A Bilingual career development and empowering emerging talents to develop the career they desire

Nathalie Bertrand

ADM Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer Infrastructure Canada N/A Bilingual mentoring, networking, career development
Sarah Paquet Director and Chief Executive Officer Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada Sarah Paquet Bilingual
Caroline Leclerc Global Affairs Canada Caro Leclerc Bilingual life and learning
Alexandra MacLean Canada Revenue Agency, International and Large Business Directorate N/A English tax – policy – law
Johanna Read Fisheries and Oceans Canada Johanna Read English career development (within and outside the public service) – leadership development – people management – workplace culture – stress management & preventing or recovering from burnout
Nicole Girard Transport Canada Nicole Girard Bilingual mentoring – coaching – learning – governance – transformation – scuba diving
Neil O’Rourke Assistant Commissioner Fisheries and Oceans Canada N/A Bilingual mentoring – helping others by sharing own experience
Sylvain Beauchamp Director, Client Support Guidance and Solutions Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada N/A Bilingual mentoring – client experience – HR – board games
Robert Kopersiewich Statistics Canada N/A Bilingual mentoring – career development – personal growth (spirituality, coaching, mental health)
Jennifer MacDougall Federal Youth Network @Jen_MacDougall Bilingual networking – early career development – GC Learning
Chris Henderson Deputy Commissioner of Operations Fisheries and Oceans Canada – Canadian Coast Guard @cxh065 English mentoring
Mala Khanna Assistant Deputy Minister, Sub-Saharan Africa Branch Global Affairs Canada N/A Bilingual diversity and inclusivity in the workplace
Pierre Bilodeau Executive Director Canadian Food Inspection Agency @pbilodo Bilingual science and technology as key drivers for economic development – science policy – governance – value chain partnerships – peer learning
Rehana Yousaf  Service Canada Benefit Officer Employment and Social Development Canada; N/A Bilingual mentoring, networking, career development, GC learning and any opportunity to develop competencies
Corinne Prince Director General for Francophone Immigration and Official Languages Part VII Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada N/A Bilingual mentoring, networking
Brett Zeleznik Executive Services Coordinator Employment and Social Development Canada N/A English Interesting applications of data in understanding and forecasting changes in the Canadian population.
Jason Charron Director General, Compliance Programs Canada Revenue Agency – Compliance Programs Branch @JasonCharron

Bilingual Contributing to a professional, divers and inclusive public service
Catarina Ferreira Canadian Food Inspection Agency English mentoring, networking, career development, GC learning
Mary Ann Triggs Assistant Deputy Minister, Service Canada – Ontario Region Employment and Social Development Canada, Service Canada N/A Bilingual
Marie-Josée Dorion A/Director General CPPB N/A Bilingual mentoring, networking, career development
Darryl Sato Senior Director, Client Service Delivery and Management Shared Services Canada @darsato English Leadership, mentoring, GC Service Delivery
Natalie Martel Public Service Procurement Canada @martel_natalie Bilingual Learning and mentoring
Maria Montilva Infrastructure Canada N/A Bilingual data, analytics, good government, efficiency, effectiveness, progress, growth, social inclusion
Kathleen Donohue AAFC – International Affairs Branch N/A Bilingual mentoring, networking, career development
Sam Ryan Director General, Integrated Technical Services, Fisheries and Oceans Canada Canadian Coast Guard N/A English career development
Brigitte Gibson Regional Director General, Prairies and Northern Region Department of Canadian Heritage @BrigitteGib Bilingual mentoring, networking, career development, learning – particularly in the context of language learning (Official Languages and the opportunities language learning can present); as well as on-the-job learning and stretch assignments
Jacqueline Gonçalves Environment and Climate Change Canada N/A Bilingual creating happy workplaces and lifelong learning
Tina Matos Director General Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada N/A English leadership, mentoring, networking
Patti Ryan Acting Compliance Manager National Defence N/A English "advising, coaching, mentoring, training, networking"
Christine Larade ESDC Christine Larade Bilingual public servant’s personal brand, mentoring, networking, career development, GC learning
Ernest Nwanguma Canada Revenue Agency N/A English Becoming a mentee, networking, and career development
Nathalie Thiffault Director, Strategic Directions and Partnerships Public Service Commission Bilingual le développement et la gestion des personnes, le mentorat, l’apprentissage, le développement de carrière et le coaching
Alexandre Contreras Assistant Director Canada School of Public Service @alexandrecontr Bilingual mentoring, networking, career development
David E Elliott Senior Learning Experience Designer Canada School of Public Service David E Elliott English ·       Performance improvement, including learning, design, facilitation and coaching

·       Design Thinking

·       Diversity Equity and Inclusion with an emphasis on Equity and power sharing

Bethany Long 2SLGBTQ+ Champion Liaison Indigenous Services Canada Bethany Long English Mentoring, Networking, Career Development & GC learning
Frank Assu Senior Policy Analyst Substantive with Transport Canada, currently on Assignment with Environment Climate Change Canada frank.assu@tc.gc.c @frankassubc English Mentoring, networking, engagement, career development, learning, getting involved in groups/committees
Stephane Duplessis A/ Director of Operations (Nova Scotia) Canadian Food Inspection Agency @DupesSays Bilingual mentoring, career development, design thinking, productivity tools, managers’ community
Stephanie Simard Manager, Training Public Services Procurement Canada [[1]]        N/A Bilingual Emotional intelligence, facilitating, training, networking, leading by example and being transparent, creating a fun environment
Caleigh Miller Canada’s Free Agents Program  Natural Resources Canada Caleigh Miller English HR, Diversity & Inclusion, User Experience
Natasha Cote-Khan Canada’s Free Agents Program Transport Canada   NatashaCoteKhan Bilingual
John Medcof Canada School of Public Service John Medcof bilingual
Susan Johnston (she/they) TBS @JoyCuriosity English mentoring on making hard transitions, GC learning relating to facilitation, public engagement
Hans Park HR Advisor Specialist-Labour Relations Employment and Social Development Canada [[2]] N/A Englsih career development, networking
Paul Keller Quebec Federal Council @PoltheWanderer Bilingual mentoring, networking, accelerated learning, influencing, storytelling, tech
Hope Harris Canada's Free Agents
Pierre Losier Chair, Persons with Disabilities Network Bilingual
Louise Bessette A/Chief of Staff to the Chief Information Officer of Canada Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat N/A Bilingual mentoring, career development, governance, developing diverse talent
Abe Greenspoon Lead - Connections and Research Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Abe Greenspoon English community building, innovation, and intrepreneurship.
Aalya Dhanani Transport Canada [[3]] @AalyaDhanani English dismantling systemic racism, mental health advocacy, mentoring, networking, career development
Kristina Legrand Canadian Human Rights Commission [[4]] @heytherered Bilingual career development, coaching and mentoring, cheerleading the next generation

Questions about the Mentoring Living Library? Want to participate as a Mentor/Book?

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