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The Regulators’ Experimentation Toolkit [1]

To support the Centre for Regulatory Innovation’s objective to facilitate regulatory experimentation, this toolkit was developed to provide Canadian regulators with a practical guide to identify, design, and carry out regulatory experiments. Recognizing the novelty of regulatory experimentation, this toolkit provides a starting point for Canadian regulators. Click here to access the toolkit.

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Regulators' Capacity Fund: Lessons Learned Report.[2]

This report documents the lessons learned by twenty-six Government of Canada initiatives that were supported under the Regulators’ Capacity Fund, administered by the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s Centre for Regulatory Innovation (CRI) between 2019 and 2022. Click here to access the report.

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  1. The Regulators’ Experimentation Toolkit (2021) from the Centre for Regulatory Innovation and Nesta
  2. Regulators’ Capacity Fund: Lessons Learned Report (2022) from the Centre for Regulatory Innovation