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What's new in the CRI?

About the CRI

Based on recommendations from the Economic Strategy Tables aimed at improving the regulatory environment for business – including the need for greater exploration and use of sandboxes and pilots to ensure the regulatory system keeps pace with advances in technology – the 2018 Fall Economic Statement announced that the Government would create a Centre for Regulatory Innovation (CRI).


The CRI:

  1. supports regulatory experimentation that promotes innovation and regulatory competitiveness in Canada;
  2. helps regulators understand and respond to challenges associated with technological change; and,
  3. supports industry in bringing applications of new and emerging technologies into the Canadian marketplace.


The CRI is situated in the Treasury Board Secretariat’s Regulatory Affairs Sector, reporting to the Executive Director of the Regulatory Cooperation Directorate.

The Centre’s overall operations are governed by an interdepartmental Director General Steering Committee, comprised of representatives from:

  • TBS (chair);
  • Privy Council Office;
  • Innovation, Science, and Economic Development;
  • Transport Canada;
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada;
  • Health Canada; and,
  • Community of Federal Regulators.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like more information, email us.

Connect with the Community of Federal Regulators

Did you know? The Community of Federal Regulators (CFR) is helping to bring the community together to explore, pioneer and test new approaches and delivery methods with potential application for creating efficiencies across the regulatory lifecycle. Visit CFR’s GCpedia site to learn more about their work in this area. If you’re looking to collaborate with another department or agency, the CFR can assist you in making connections. Send them an email at cfr-crf@canada.ca.