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Earth Observation Data Management System (EODMS)

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==== SERVICE ====
To address the Near-Real-Time (NRT) requirements of some Government of Canada (GC) departments, CCMEO retrieves data from the Copernicus Collaborative Hubs and provides a Canadian FTP relay with better download speeds for Canadian end users.
CCMEO achieves this Service by using a lightweight Product Transfer System (PTS) to pull SENTINEL-1 products from the Collaborative hubs via the CANARIE research network from its counterparts (e.g. GEANT) in the EU. It then stages the data on a Canadian CCMEO GC Download Server with dependable download speeds for its users.
While this limited access has operationalized the use of SENTINEL-1 data in key GC programs, broad use of SENTINEL-1,2 3, could stand to be improved.
==== USER STORIES ====

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