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Earth Observation Data Management System (EODMS)

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[1] The Climate Processes Section within the Climate Research Division currently uses Sentinel-1 EW GRDM for researching Arctic sea ice dynamics and melt processes. As part of our the analyses, we also generate a variety of sea ice motion datasets are generated (e.g. automated daily Pan-Arctic motion, sub-daily regional AOIs) for collaborators working in Government Operations/Research as well as Academic Research.
[2] Having access to the high-speed connection is critical for the timeliness of the analysis and ice motion products generated in addition to maintaining the capacity to keep pace with the rate of SAR data acquisition. With the previous connection the delay between image download, analysis and product generation was a large bottleneck whereas with DHUS National Mirror access we can automate same-day or 1-day-previous sea ice motion products at Pan-Arctic scale. Pan-Arctic processing was basically impossible using the Copernicus Open-Access hub due to the transfer rate bottleneck and cloud-rehosted S1 data collections at the time were not a solution as access to the L1 GRD products was required.

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