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Bursaries and Funding

Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) has a bursary search tool that can help you find funding opportunities by school, province, and area of study!

Indigenous Bursaries Search Tool (

Increase Indigenous cultural awareness

i. Information on Indigenous Reconciliation

ii. Words Matter – Glossary of Indigenous Terminology

iii. Indigenous Learning Series – Canada School of Public Service

iv. Many Voices One Mind Report – Reconciliation in the Public Service

v. Resources on Indigenous Protocol

vi. Indigenous Languages; glossaries and translation


i. Indigenous Federal Employee Network on GCconnex

ii. Western Indigenous Student Engagement Network (ISEO Student Network in the Western Region)

iii. Pacific Aboriginal Network Email

iv. GC Students (Federal Youth Network (FYN))

v. FSWEP's Indigenous Student Employment Opportunity Resource Page - GCpedia

vi. Be sure to look if your specific department features Professionals Network and/or Indigenous Advisory Circle.

Tools and Resources

Toolkit for Indigenous Students - ENG

Land Acknowledgment (Helpful Links)

Quick Guide to Land Acknowledgement

Other Links

We need your help!

We are seeking Indigenous student networks across the GoC to add to our growing community!

If you know of or are part of a network tailored to Indigenous students, please email or with the network's contact information.