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Job Postings
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Indigenous Career Pathways (ICP)

If you are a student in your last semester, or a recent graduate that participated in the Indigenous Student Employment Opportunity, this is the opportunity for you!

Managers have access to graduate profiles that are posted on this GCpedia page. Profiles are displayed with a reference number without mentioning the name of the person or how to contact them. The following information is included:

  • A reference number
  • Relevant Skills
  • Field of study
  • Security Clearance Level
  • Spoken and written languages
  • Workplace preferences

If you are interested in joining this inventory, email to receive the application form.

Student and Bridging Opportunities

You can go through student bridging on any team! Get networking! Check out the GCStudents networking page for more tips and tricks.

GCjobs Postings

Job Type Department Position Post Description Closing Date Link
Inventory Environment and Climate Change Canada - Public Affairs and Communications Branch IS-02 The intent of this process is to establish a pool of qualified candidates. Similar positions within Environment and climate change Canada, in the National Capital Region; across Canada, may be staffed through this process with various tenures and/or requirements. Our intention is to communicate with candidates by email. Therefore, your application must include a valid email address. November 23, 2024 Digital Communications Officer Positions - IS-02
Inventory Indigenous Services Canada - First Nations Inuit Health Branch PM-02 This process aims to create and maintain an inventory of applications that may be used to fill various term or indeterminate appointment opportunities. A pool of qualified candidates may be established and may be used to fill similar positions, in various locations and tenures July 12, 2024 Junior Program Officer - Jordan's Principle
Inventory Indigenous Services Canada PM-02 You will work in an environment where a high volume of calls, payment requests and/or reports are received. Due to high volume of work, you will learn how to prioritize your day as you will have continuous interruptions, responding to inquires of colleagues and/or clients. This could be an opportunity for you to develop new skills and further develop skills you already have; such skills include attention to detail, improved computer skills, client service orientation, conflict management, workload management and prioritization.

Location: Ottawa, Sioux Lookout, Thunder Bay (Ontario)

June 19, 2024 Junior Program Officer
Location: Winnipeg (Manitoba) June 19, 2024 Junior Program Officer
Location: Edmonton (Alberta) June 19, 2024 Junior Program Officer
Location: Regina (Saskatchewan) June 19, 2024 Junior Program Officer
Location: Montréal Island (Québec) June 19, 2024 Junior Program Officer
Location: Halifax (Nova Scotia) June 19, 2024 Junior Program Officer
Inventory Indigenous Services Canada - Ontario Region Operations PM-01, PM-02 A pool of qualified candidates may be established and may be used to staff similar positions with various linguistic profiles and/or requirements as well as tenures (Acting, Assignment, Deployment, Secondment, Determinate, and Indeterminate appointments) and/or security clearance (reliability or secret), which may vary according to the position being staffed.

Location: Brantford, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Toronto (Ontario)

May 4, 2024 Developmental Program Officer (PM-01) / Junior Program Officer (PM-02)