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GC Network Summit

GC Network Summit 2022


Networks in the government of Canada all face similar challenges:

  • Reaching and engaging our intended audiences
  • Offering virtual programing to meet their needs
  • Utilizing technology to best engage their members
  • Curating the best content and resources

The GC Network Summit is intended to highlight great work being done, enhance collaboration across networks, share best practices and lessons learned, and incite action to a way forward together.

If the pandemic has taught us anything it is that we need each other more than ever. Be it to stay connected, to share with one another, or to reinforce the fact that we are all in the #GC together.

Please join us and your network colleagues from coast to coast to coast on October 18th as we come together to build a more engaged GC.

Goal: Provide alignment of all stakeholders in the GC who provide content open to all public servants, in an effort to support each other and the people we serve.

How this goal will be met: This will be done through sharing enabling structures, and showcasing past successes. Calling to action engagement of all GC entities with the goal of creating an environment where all public servants can get involved regardless of geographic region or departmental affiliation.

During this session, participants will learn to:

  • Leverage various tech platforms to maximize the experience for your targeted audience
  • Support THEIR NETWORK by collaborating and sharing resources with other networks
  • Identify existing resources that exist in the GC that can be shared within your network

This event will include 1.5 hours of learning and a 1 hour Q&A period.

Date and time: Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm ET

Language: Bilingual

Location: This event will be delivered virtually on zoom

  • Please note:
    • Downloading Zoom to your computer is not necessary - you can view it on the web.
    • You can use your personal computer if the work computer does not allow you to view Zoom.


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  • GCXchange registration: https://gcx-gce.gc.ca
  • Emails: GCXchange-GCEchange@tbs-sect.gc.ca support-soutien@gcx-gce.gc.ca
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