Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/May 25 2021

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Federal updates - DTO, Travel, HC

  • TBS
  • Travel
  • We’ve updated ArriveCan information to reflect new rule about only submitting travel, contact and quarantine information 72 hours in advance:
  • On COVID-19 Travel topic page, we added a link to a new page about travel testing data. This was developed in response to questions from the media. Trying to be open and transparent:
  • Demo of the “Assess your quarantine plan” mini-wizard that will be going live sometime this week.
  • When you are aware of upcoming changes, please reach out to us so that we can update links in federal content to provincial/territorial content.

Geotagging experiments

  • Experimenting with geotagging on the COVID landing page, to provide a link to provincial vaccination information.
    • We started with Ontario and will soon try with other provinces and territories.
    • Using an alert on the Canada.ca/coronavirus that shows up that says “It looks like you are in Ontario, …”
    • Based on your IP address, it is to drive people to get to your appointment
    • We will be getting data on it and will be sharing it later.

Multi-language content - Gillian Ruemke-Douglas, Kaitlyn Rosenberg, Masha Kaur

  • Talked about the journey of communicating in English + then 4 other languages to English and 12 other languages
  • Goes through 4 steps:
    • 1: Content created in English
    • 2: Content sent to translation vendors
    • 3: Translated content is put into CMS
    • 4: Content is published
  • Put the language names in the header so that people can click them
  • Thing to remember when you look at page views, compare them to language populations for a good representation. Do not get discouraged by lower views.
  • Discussed the challenges and how they resolve it.
  • Question: when an English page is updated, i.e. the age for vaccination, what do you do with the pages in other languages that are then out of sync?
    • This is one of the challenges that they don’t because of expensive and time
    • BC has the strategy of mirroring every word.
    • With in-house team and vendors to help
    • They leave a note on the other languages page, if they can’t update, that says please see EN for the latest version.
    • Social media helps disseminate info while they
  • Question: Is all COVID content translated into all 12 languages, or are there criteria to decide which pages/which languages?
    • Criteria - anything health related. Premier’s office
    • Question: Did I hear correctly that your newsroom is separate from your main website? (Some departments here have expressed interest in publishing some news products in multiple languages, but that’s clearly different than service-oriented content...)
    • They never try to link to news release.
  • Style Guide: BC web style guide

Notes and action items