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Onboarding and Integration Guides

  • EOSD Integration Guide for Students : The Public Service Commission developed this guide specifically for new student employees participating in the Employment Opportunity for Students with Disabilities support initiative.

Workplace Accommodations

Your manager is here to help! It is important to let your manager know throughout your employment if you require any accommodations, adaptive tools, or support measures to help you succeed during your employment.

This can include having a discussion with your manager about any accommodation needs, confirming your workstation is properly set up, and confirming that your accommodation needs have been met.

It is your responsibility to let your manager know if your needs have changed and if additional support is required.

If you have a copy of your educational institution’s Learning Intervention Plan, which contains any physical, technological and/or learning accommodation requirements established by your learning institution, share this with your manager as it may facilitate your workplace accommodation.

Government Resources

  • Office of Public Service Accessibility GCpedia page: Tools and resources for public servants of all departments and levels in support of the Nothing Without Us Accessibility Strategy for the public service of Canada
  • Accessibility in the public service: Information on accessibility in the public service, including the accessibility strategy for the public service, supporting initiatives and legislation
  • Accessibility Standards Canada : A departmental corporation created in 2019 under the Accessible Canada Act (the Act). Committed to creating accessibility standards for federally-regulated entities and federal organizations.

Policies and Regulations

Featured Networks

Networking will help you develop and improve your skillset, stay on top of the latest trends in your industry, keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors, provide you with social support, and gain access to the necessary resources which can allow you to exchange resources with others (e.g., helping one another) to help foster your personal and career development. Available networks include:

Be sure to see if your organization has a Young Professionals’ Network and/or Persons with Disabilities Network for more opportunities.

Career and Recruitment Resources

Contact us

For additional information on EOSD, contact the Public Service Commission’s Diversity and Inclusion Centre of Expertise.

Accessibility is a journey and we are always finding ways to improve our content. If you can help us provide information to you better, please let us know.