Employment Opportunity for Students with Disabilities Mentoring Program

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Registration required:
  • Managers/supervisors, register your students for the Employment Opportunity for Students with Disabilities (EOSD) by completing the registration form.
  • New! Students can register themselves for the EOSD.

Please note that the mentorship program is only open to students with disabilities who are registered with EOSD.


Mentoring plays an important role in employee engagement and retention, contributes significantly to individual and organizational productivity, and make employees feel valued.

Students participating in EOSD have the opportunity to participate in a self-directed mentoring program, designed to support students in:

  • Developing a career path
  • Assisting the mentee to develop cognitive skills
  • Learning to network
  • Developing a specific skill that the mentor and mentee agree on

Learn more about the program by reading: Mentorship Program for Students - Powerpoint Presentation

How to Participate

Only students registered with EOSD can participate in the mentorship program. Once registered, students will receive information on how to get started and find a mentor. Please visit our EOSD GC Pedia page (only available on the GC intranet) for more information.


Contact Us

For additional information on the EOSD Mentorship program or to sign up as a mentor, contact the Public Service Commission’s Diversity and Inclusion Centre of Expertise.

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