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  • This working group is chaired by PCO Digital Communications Coordination Unit members and PHAC/HC Communications web.
  • This working group meets weekly using WebEx Thursday's at 10:30.
  • If you are a Canadian federal government employee working on web and metadata for COVID-19 and you need an invitation to this working group, please visit the #metadata slack channel or contact
  • We're also looking for assistance with our meetings, if you're looking for a micro-mission or volunteer hours and can assist us with sharing information and chairing meetings, please get in touch.


To support the strategic and effective use of metadata to support the KPQs/KPIs set out by PHAC/HC for web and technical content for COVID-19. (Need to double check against PPTs... maybe this was already defined elsewhere.)

Working group scope

Developing and supporting the strategic use of metadata across GC Web properties to support effective COVID-19 web communications

  • Specialized content automation and web pages
  • search tagging and indexing for MVP finder page
  • Structured data
  • Piloting RDFa and JSON-LD (in and out of the Adobe Experience Manager Content Mangement System)
  • Draft advice on UTM codes for structured data (Principal publisher, collaboration with working group)
  • Social media tagging (Open graph and Twitter Cards)
  • Ask teammates where this has been updated and for some good examples
  • Supporting the COVID-19 Web analytics working group


  • List of dates of meetings where meta data was discussed

  • Working group Meeting summaries and Forward agenda:

  • Working group meeting summary July 9, 2020:

  • Meta data communications plan (draft):

  • Google folder: (permission and a domain email address required to access)

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