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MARC Field Note
Leader Supplied by WMS.
003 Supplied by WMS.
005 Supplied by WMS.
008 Code completely.
016 Supply a Canadiana number ending with the suffix F.
040 Supplied by WMS.
042 Supplied by LAC only; other participants should not use this field.
046 $f $g Supply the birth date (9.3.2) and death date (9.3.3.) if they are available but not included in the authorized access point.
368 $c Supply another designation associated with a person (9.6) when it is not included in the authorized access point for:
  • a person named in a sacred text or in an apocryphal book;
  • a fictitious or legendary person;
  • a real non-human entity.
4XX Supply if necessary.
500 Supply for different identities.
510, 511, 551 Supply for sequential relationships between corporate bodies other than conferences, including places established in Canadiana, only to immediately preceeding or succeeding entities (establish relationships between conferences only in records for authorized corporate access points).
663 Supply for individuals who have three different identities or more.
667 Supply for certain situations explained in Name Authority Manual, 667 and in other guidelines.
670 Supply to:
  • cite the resource catalogued;
  • justify all elements for the authorized access point and variant access points, including additions that are part of the access points;
  • justify the Information recorded in the 046, 3XX, or 678 field, when subfield $v is not defined to record a source of information or is not used;
  • justify related access points that express relationships (fields 5XX).

Note: Subfield $v may be used instead of field 670 to justify information recorded in fields 046 and 3XX when it has been defined for this purpose in these fields.

Exceptions: It is not necessary to add 670 fields to justify references in the following cases:

  • references justified by instructions or policy statements only, usually because the reference is derived from inverting, shortening, etc., the authorized access point or giving a substitute form of the access point;
  • references made on the basis of the cataloger's awareness of different romanizations or orthographies;
  • name/title cross-references derived from the work being cataloged, from other works cataloged under the same authorized access point, or from information in standard reference sources;
  • references for authorized access points of corporate bodies reflecting changes due to national orthographic reform, changes in names of government bodies due to an official language change, or changes involving only a parent body to which the body being established is subordinate.
675 Supply to cite the resource catalogued when the resource does not supply any information.

Last Update: 2022-12-15

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