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The Government of Canada is committed to reducing barriers that may prevent persons with disabilities from fully participating in the workforce and developing and acquiring the skills they need for employment. With the enactment of the Accessible Canada Act, the government has made a clear commitment to a public service where persons with disabilities can contribute to their fullest in helping the federal government serve Canadians. The Public Service Commission (PSC), Clerk of the Privy Council 2022/2023 Deputy Minister Commitments on Diversity and Inclusion, the Accessible Canada Act are committed to the Public Service of Canada Accessibility Strategy's first goal: to improve the recruitment, retention and promotion of persons with disabilities. One of the positive measures we are taking towards this goal, is working across all departments and agencies to hire 5,000 net new persons with disabilities by 2025. Let’s continue building an inclusive public service by hiring diverse and competent future public servants…starting here!


The Employment Opportunity for Students with Disabilities (EOSD) is a national program for students who have self-declared as persons with disabilities. It provides support to employees with disabilities during their work term with the federal public service career. It features an onboarding process, training, activities and support services for both students and hiring managers. Anyone employed in an approved student employment program such as a Post-Secondary Co-op/Internship Program or the Research Affiliate Program is eligible to participate in EOSD.

Eligibility & Registration

Are you a student with a disability who is currently completing a work term with the Government of Canada? If you have answered yes, we invite you to join the Employment Opportunity for Students with Disabilities (EOSD). You will receive invitations to attend mentorship, networking sessions, training and other exciting opportunities! To register, please ask your manager to complete this short registration form so that you are included in planned activities. Once registered, you will receive updates by email regarding all things EOSD.

Contact Us

For additional information on EOSD, contact the Public Service Commission’s Diversity and Inclusion Centre of Expertise.

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