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What is the ISC-CIRNAC Young Professionals Network (YPN) Student Committee?

The Student Committee is a new sub-group of the YPN that caters to the needs of students specifically. Our purpose is to act as a centre of information, resource expansion, an connection for students within ISC and CIRNAC. The committee intends to provide students with a stronger understanding of the workplace, best practices, and how they may fit in.

If you would like to learn more or join the committee please reach out to ypnstudentcommittee-rjpcomiteetudiant@rcaanc-cirnac.gc.ca

Resources for Students

To see more resources please click here.

Onboarding Guides for Students

Our Team

Employment - Tips and Tricks
Please note this information is from the GC Students page. To access their page please click here.

NOTE: The content on this page was developed by former students who share their own learnings and tips and tricks. Advice from a GC Staffing Advisor is always preferred.

Types of employment
  • Indeterminate Appointment
    • A person who is appointed (hired) without a preset end date.
  • Term Appointment
    • A person who is appointed (hired) for a definite period of time. Two common term appointments are for 6 plus months or less than 6 months.
  • Student Appointment
    • Student appointment varies, however, most terms are for 4 months. Students can be reappointed. If you are hired into the public service in an indeterminate position after your student terms you can buy back your time for your pension. For more information click here.
  • Casual Employment
    • A person hired as a casual worker for no more than 90 working days in a calendar year.
  • For public servants (excluding people with a student or casual employment)
    • Deployment (at level)
    • Acting
    • Secondments and assignments

For more information click here.

Start your career
  • Learn more about the occupational group that applies to you and in which you are starting to begin your career. You can use this website to know what occupational groups exist and their criteria!
  • Network
    • Networking is important when it comes to learning how to navigate the public service, make connections, and learn about opportunities.
    • Participate in activities and committees to expand your contact network (Federal Youth Network, GC Students, ISC/CIRNAC YPN)
    • Go to GC directory, search for departments that interest you, and search for keywords or branches that interest you.
      • Get in touch with managers.
      • Tip: Start a conversation and find things in common with the person, don't ask for a job right away.
      • Tip: Learn about cold emailing techniques to communicate with someone for the first time. Improve your solicitation technique and learn from your communication mistakes.
      • If you need help writing a cold email or navigating the GC Directory please contact the committee at: ypnstudentcommittee-rjpcomiteetudiant@rcaanc-cirnac.gc.ca
  • View job offers on GC Jobs, Career Marketplace : GCconnex, Facebook groups, refer to a network you have joined
    • Advice:
      • Look for casual, determinate, or indeterminate jobs.
      • Apply on jobs you meet the eligibility criteria.
      • Make sure to use the key words in the job posting in your resume and application form.
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