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 About Square
 The Square will bring together the best learning and knowledge available by engaging communities, partners, and fellow learners.
 The shared resources will inform and inspire Canada’s Digital Academy.

 How do I add to Square?

 1. Add Your Resources

Check out a learning stream and you’ll find practices and skills with an accompanying evergreen list of resources curated by both learners and experts in their fields.
You’re welcome to include any and all resources (by clicking "edit" on the navigation bar), including and not limited to:

  • Experts (researchers, professors, practitioners
  • Online courses
  • Applications
  • Videos & podcasts
  • Photos & Infographics
  • Articles & blogs
  • Academic & research articles
  • Social media accounts (Twitter handles, LinkedIn groups, etc.)

 2. Learn digital competencies

While you’re adding your resources, read, play, and listen to others shared by the community.

 3. Contribute to Digital Academy

Resources and comments will inspire programs, events, and practices of Canada’s Digital Academy.

 What's Digital Academy?

Hosted by the Canada School of Public Service, Canada’s Digital Academy will help develop digital acumen, skills and capacity across the federal public service and other jurisdictions, and ultimately, empower public servants to work more nimbly in a digitally enabled environment.

The Academy’s starting components will include:

  • Digital foundations, a suite of online and event-based learning
  • Applied digital solutions for leaders to build a deeper digital lens into programs, policies, and services
  • Digital for senior leaders focusing on trends, strategy, and governance
  • Premium streams for specialist learning (Core Skills, Data, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Development & Automation, Design, and Disruption)

 We Can't Do It Alone

The Digital Academy is collaborative in nature and open by default. It will gather collaborators from various levels of government, the private sector, the non-profit sector, and diverse communities; each contributing their own strengths, knowledge, experience and expertise to improve the public service and government services through digital.

For example, the Academy will work with the Canadian Digital Service, the UK Government Digital Service, the Ontario Digital Service, the Nova Scotia Digital Service, Bayview Yards and the Institute of Governance.

If you’re interested in partnering, you must to have a genuine focus on the public good and be okay with an open approach. We’ll share all of the research and resources we create or collect back out publicly.
Contact Kent Aitken to start a conversation.

  • Square claims no ownership of the provided content.
  • Square does not endorse any websites, products, organizations, activities, or authors that may be provided.