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À propos Contactez-nous GCcollab

 The Square is a self-sustaining (digital) learning community led by people like you.
 How? You have 3 options.

 1. Learning playlists on GCcollab Wiki
Create, add to, or experience a Learning Playlist, a list of free online resources, including articles, videos and online courses, curated by experts in their respective fields. It’s your turn to add new content and help identify new areas of interest in the digital field. Find, contribute, or create learning playlists on GCcollab Wiki.

 2. Peer-to-peer learning on GCcollab's Career Marketplace

Peer-to-peer learning is facilitated through GCcollab’s Career Marketplace. You control your learning experience: they can occur offline or online between 2 or more individuals within a defined period. GCcollab's Career Marketplace Find or create your own peer-to-peer opportunity (listed as a “skill-sharing” opportunity) on GCcollab’s Career Marketplace.

 3. Group discussions on GCcollab

In each learning playlist, you will find links to groups on GCcollab where discussions on digital are already taking place. Get involved in groups on GCcollab.

 Want to learn, hone, or share your knowledge of a digital concept? Get involved.

 Many Thanks!






  • The Square is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided.
  • The Square claims no ownership of the provided content.
  • The Square does not endorse any websites, products, organizations, activities, or authors that may be provided.
  • Contributors should make efforts to seek content in both English and French.