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For free FREE GC access /VETTED ACCESS to RCM:  
* Create an EODMS account
* Check the "I have an OHS Identifier" checkbox in your profile.
* Provide Submit your application:** For CANADIAN PROVINCES, TERRITORIES and INDUSTRY, please submit an application to [ How to become a user].** For GOVERNMENT of CANADA users submit your EODMS username to the Canadian Space Agency in an email to []* Finally, you will receive an email when your EODMS account is ready. You can confirm that your account is vetted by looking for "RCMGC" in your [ User Profile]. For non GC users, the vetting process has been opened. We invite you to seek more information [ How to become a user].
'''NoteNOTE''': Ensure the organization name ORGANIZATION NAME you specify on your vetting application VETTING APPLICATION exactly matches the organization name entered in your EODMS account ACCOUNT registration
=== RADARSAT-2 ===

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