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GC Enterprise IT Portfolio FAQs

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<div style="color:#00000; font-size:medium; background-color:#f9d6b8; padding:10px;">'''Question: Does my department have to report on DCE Services (Schedule 4, previously Schedule 2)?'''</div>
<span style="color:#bd5e01; font-size:medium;">'''Answer:''' </span> There was an error made in the training deck that was presented for the 2015/16 IT Expenditure report. For that year, TBS allowed departments to group their DCE Services (Schedule 2 at the time) expenses under a total column, instead of breaking it down into separate service lines. The change was somewhat late-breaking in nature, therefore the IT Expenditure Guide, and the FAQ page were not updated to match the altered version of the IT Expenditure Model, which was posted on GCconnex. This led some departments to believe that they did not need to report on Schedule 2 at all, since both the original and modified templates were available.
The following year, the error was not caught, and TBS reverted back to the original model. Therefore, departments who had mistakenly used the original model and not reported on Schedule 2 were not made aware of the error. Additionally, some departments continued to use the amended model, and this was also not caught, though reporting in a grouped manner was no longer supported.

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