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Application Portfolio Management (APM)

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==Departmental or Agency Delegates==
The people listed in the [[Information Technology Division (ITD)/Contactlist|APM section of the contacts list]], are responsible for coordinating the APM data entry for their departments or agencies They have editing rights to their departmental applications inventory in the Clarity system used by TBS for managing APM. <br/>
Their roles usually include
* Coordinating the APM data entry to keep the data complete, up-to-date and accurate
* Quality assurance of their departmental applications' inventory
* Liaison with TBS and other central agencies such as SSC
* Distribute, within their department, information received from TBS about the APM program
* Manage their departmental list of TBS Clarity users
* Keep the list of departmental contacts below current
* Answer inquiries from other departments.
==Contact the TBS APM Team==
You can contact us via the [ GCconnex group] or email the [ APM Support team]

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