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Application Portfolio Management (APM)

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Application Portfolio Management (APM) is a response to the [ Policy on Management of Information Technology]Overview===Context==
<blockquote>''6* [http://www.2tbs-sct.15 Producing TBS Report on the departmental State of Aging IT Plan and IT progress report(2010)] affirmed that Application Portfolio Management is not consistently practiced GC-wide, thereby supporting the need for a formalized approach for the IT expenditure reportmanagement of applications.* 75% reside in the back-office, many are home-grown, solve the same business needs and responding to compliance monitoring do not leverage enterprise opportunities* Efficiencies can be realized by consolidating and performance measurement processes and onstandardizing back-going '''Application Portfolio Management''' update reports..''</blockquote>office applications in order to redirect resources towards the renewal of aging systems & towards government priorities
OCIO develops the guidance and the tool for departments to submit their data on a continuous basis.==GC Applications Inventory==
'''Community''': [https://gcconnex[ https://gcconnexxlsx|List of GC applications]] based on departmental]
'''Guide''': []== Strategy Components==
'''CIO Call letter''': [https://gcdocsp.tbssct.local/gcdocs/llisapi.dll?func=ll&objaction=overview&objid=35463261 https[Image://gcdocsp.tbssct.local/gcdocs/llisapiAPM_Strat_Components.dll?func=ll&objaction=overview&objid=35463261png]]
The data in APM is MAFd.==Expected Outcomes==
As *Improve the maturity of April 1st, application portfolio management practices across government to provide a holistic view of the GC applications landscape and related risks and investments*Support government-wide strategies on the new [https://www.tbsrenewal & of aging applications that are both economical and ensure the continuity of services to Canadians*Implement multi-eng.aspx?id=32601 Directive on Service year investment planning for applications that is interlocked with corporate risk and Digital] takes effect:investment planning to direct investments towards government priorities
<blockquote>'' Producing the departmental APM to focus IT expenditure report investments to best meet business objectives, with an acceptable level of risk and on-going '''Application Portfolio Management''' update reportsat a reasonable cost.''</blockquote>
==Useful Links==
*** [ GC IM/IT Strategic Plan]
*** [[GC Enterprise Architecture Review Board (GC_EARB)]]
*** [[GC IT Domain Navigation | Recommended software by domain]]
*** [ Departmental Results Framework].
*** [[Media:APM.ApplicationFeatures.GCACMv2.1.xlsx| GC Application Capability Model v2.1 (features classification)]]
** [[CIOB Application Portfolio Management/Aging IT Application Assessment| AGING IT ASSESSMENT]]
** [[CIOB Application Portfolio Management/Aging IT Application Assessment| LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT]]
** [ IT PLAN]
*Guidance documents
** [[OCIO Application Portfolio Management/Application Portfolio Management User Guide | Application Portfolio Management User Guide]] has an overview of what APM is and a description of mission criticality.
** The [[OCIO Application Portfolio Management/Aging IT Application Assessment | Aging IT Application Assessment]] details the Aging IT methodology; the funding condition, BCP/DRP and criticality assessments.
** The [[OCIO Application Portfolio Management/Application Lifecycle Management Assessment | Application Lifecycle Management Assessment]] details the T.I.M.E. methodology; the business value, support costs and technical condition assessments.
** [[OCIO Application Portfolio Management/TBS APM Module Guide | APM Module Guide]] (CA Clarity is the system used for APM)
*** [[OCIO Application Portfolio Management/Application Portfolio Management FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)]]
*** [[OCIO_Application_Portfolio_Management/TBS_APM_Module_Guide#Overview | Data Model]]
*** [[OCIO_Application_Portfolio_Management/TBS_APM_Module_Guide#Overview | Data Loader Template]]
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