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Earth Observation Data Management System (EODMS)

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To address the Near-Real-Time (NRT) requirements of some Government of Canada (GC) departmentsits users, CCMEO retrieves data from the [ Copernicus Collaborative Hub] and provides a Canadian FTP relay with better download speeds for Canadian end users.
CCMEO achieves provides this Service by service using a lightweight small Product Transfer System (PTS) to pull SENTINEL-1 products from the Collaborative hubs via the high speed CANARIE research network from its counterparts (e.g. GEANT) in through to the EU. It then stages the data on the EODMS Download Server with dependable download speeds for its users.
While this limited access has operationalized the use of SENTINEL data to key GC programs, broad use of SENTINEL-1,2 3,5p is being considered.

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