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This In this section contains , you will find tools on rights and obligations to help you fulfill your responsibilities under Part IV of the OLA<i>Official Languages Act</i>.
'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[ Burolis]</span>'''
: Use If your institution communicates with or provides services to the public, you can use this tool to find information about bilingual federal officesand facilities across the country
'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[ Bilingual offices and facilities]</span>'''
: List of Running a bilingual officesoffice or facility and don't know where to start? This resource will give you the basics.
'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[ Substansive equality grid]</span>'''
: List This resource will help you understand the idea of bilingual officessubstantive equality and guide you in applying it to your programs and services.
'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[ Description of the Regulations]</span>'''
: Description This resource describes concepts presented in the Regulations to help you gain a better understanding of regshow to use them.
'''<span style='color:#3095B4;'>[ Active offer reminder]</span>'''
: Reminder - Active Offer of Services Here’s a great quick reference guide on how to implement the active offer in Both Official Languagesyour designated bilingual offices.

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