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(Disponible en français : DLCP-MCLD)

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Hoping you are well, welcome to the page of this beautiful "grassroots" mindfulness based program, we are happy you are here. You will find general information about the program, how to connect to a info and Q&A sessions, registration and more details.

Goal of the program / Benefits expected

The goal of this program is to increase self-awareness by developing key skills: Focus, Clarity, Creativity, and Compassion in the service of others and become a better Change Leader, with the option to start a mindfulness practice.

Target Audience: All levels and expertise

Delivered by a team of volunteering facilitators from various Departments and Agencies

Promoting the program: If you would like here is an email blurb for promoting the program

♥ NEW MCLD program 2024 French offering - Information with Q&A Sessions!!

During the information sessions, we will:

  • Share some context about the program, including results from a previous cohort,
  • Share a definition of Mindful Change Leadership, experience a quick mindful exercise,
  • Have an overview the MCLD program, and participate in a Q&A portion.

As an interdepartmental initiative, we have the kind presence of the following Sponsors to this beautiful program:

  • Information session 1: tbd the week of September 16
  • Information session 2: tbd the week of September 23

Note: the recordings are available via the MCLD Program - Cohort, CoP & CoI (you need to join the group to access it), under the "Blog" section. For other details about the program, check: MCLD - 8 Week Program Details. For Frequently Asked Questions, check: MCLD - FAQ

Requisites to participate in the program

The following are the requisites for your participation:

  • Voluntary registration to the program (see below for time & commitment)
  • Full and active participation throughout the program, tasks and homework
  • Sessions will be delivered using WebEx platform, as it offers more capacity and functionality that is leveraged during the sessions
  • Have the support from your supervisor or manager (keep it for your records)

Cost, Time & Commitment:

Although there is no cost to the program, you still need your manager's approval as there is an estimate of up to 4 hours average per week to participate, as per the following:

  • One webinar session a week, duration of 1.5 hours, for 8 weeks
    • Start date: Thursday, October 3, 2024
    • End date: Thursday, November 21, 2024
    • Hour: from 12:30pm to 2:00pm EST
  • Daily mindfulness practice, 5 to 20 minutes
  • One call a week with a buddy system, approx. 30 minutes (buddy system randomly assigned)
  • Journaling throughout the 8 weeks, 5 to 10 minutes per week
  • Participate via the Cohort, a GCCollab Group. Now open as a Community of Practice and Interest
  • Complete a 5 min self-assessment, 3 times: before, at the end, and 3 months after the program

Registration & Capacity

the following are parameters for this program:

  • The program will be run like a MOOC (Wikipedia definition)
  • Up to a 600 participants will be admitted on a first come first registered basis.
  • The program is open to all levels and expertises
  • To register, follow the link here below and just fill your pre-assessment questionnaire

How to Register

  • Registration to be open on September 16

If you'd like to be informed of the next cohort, join the MCLD - Cohort, CoP & CoI. All the recordings are under the "Blog" section (you need to join the group to access it)

In the meantime, you're invited to check Mindfulness related sessions via the Convergence page

Special Thanks

This program is offered to you thanks to the collaboration between: