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Results-Based Innovation Network (RBIN)

The Network will seek to:

  1. Foster Results-Based Innovation at ISC by providing a space for employees and partners to identify and prioritize opportunities for results-based innovation
  2. Keep discussions around results-based innovation lively by providing a space to share best practices
  3. Provide sectors with non-HR, non-budgetary resources (i.e., mentorship, engagement with partners, etc.) to realize innovative projects in their works
  4. Educate members on what results-based innovation means in the Indigenous Services context
Foster Monitor Report
  • Develop principles to guide innovation with Indigenous peoples that support a systematic culturally competent approach
  • Provide a forum that will test & iterate ideas, as well as guidance on how to manage innovation projects
  • Develop and maintain a rigorous performance tracking framework for all existing projects
  • Create clear, evidence-based guidelines for new projects and amendments to existing programs/services
  • SPP Sector will report quarterly to Operations and Services Delivery Committee (OSDC) on ISC Progress and twice annually to the Senior Management committee
  • Annual MAF reporting requirements
  • Share learnings & successes more broadly




The Associate Deputy Minister The Assistant Deputy Minister of the Strategic Policy and Partnerships Sector
 All sectors at Indigenous Services Canada  Regions Indigenous partners Interested employees

Membership Expectations

Network members are expected to:

Membership Expectations.png

Indigenous Services Canada Employees

Each Sector at Indigenous Services Canada must identify a representative at the management level for distributing information from the Network to their Sector. The employee will be responsible for distributing information from the Network to their Sector. Other employees of all levels are also encouraged to attend.

Representation - With Gender Based Analysis + in mind, the Network will strive to have inclusive membership.

Meetings - Meetings will occur quarterly or bi-monthly

New and innovative approaches may include, but are not limited to, tools and methods such as:

  • User-centered design
  • Behavioral insights
  • Open policy-making, including co-creation approaches to develop policy, programs, and services with stakeholders, civil society, citizens, and other governments;
  • Staged funding approaches to enable scaling
  • Outcomes-based and pay-for-performance funding, including social and development finance and Social Impact Bond-like instruments
  • Gamification
  • Data analytics and modelling
  • Investing in pooled funds that use these tools and methods

The Strategic Policy and Partnership Fund

The Strategic Partnership Fund (SPF) allows the Strategic Policy and Partnership Sector (SPPS) to advance the transfer of services to Indigenous-led organizations, and support Indigenous policy and evaluation capacities. The fund’s approach is intended to enable an expansion of partnerships, bring new voices to the table beyond traditional actors, and support innovation and capacity-building across the Indigenous public sector. SPF will strengthen ISC’s role in supporting the Department’s legislated priority to implement the gradual transfer of departmental responsibilities to Indigenous organizations.

The fund’s outcomes are different from other ISC policy programs because, unlike the other programs, this fund’s focus is to work with Indigenous partners to change ISC’s service delivery, internal policies, and begin to devolve services to those recipients. Other programs primarily focus on policy capacity of Indigenous partners for their own ends or for supporting ISC lead policy initiatives.

Project funding is intended for opportunities that support a path towards substantive equality for Indigenous peoples, the advancement of service delivery transfer, and support for Indigenous-led evaluation functions, while respecting the distinct needs of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis. SPF seeks projects that support cross-cutting initiatives that can benefit more than one program, region or activity, integrate co-development initiatives (Indigenous world view/knowledge) in policy and evaluation, and support innovation and capacity building across the Indigenous public sector.

Fund Objectives and Outcomes
Funding Objective Result Outcome
Partnership and Innovation Partnerships and Innovations funding, as a part of the SPP fund, will be allocated to support horizontal and cross-linked projects in partnership with Indigenous partners. PID funding will be used to advance the transfer of services to Indigenous-led organizations, and support Indigenous policy and evaluation capacities.

Strategic Policy and Partnership Fund's Terms and Conditions: https://gcdocs.intra.pri/aanc-inac/llisapi.dll/link/94128345

Innovation Toolbox

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Quick Links

RBIN Contact List

Archive RBIN Presentations

Date Topic Contact Links
September 16, 2021 Indigenous Data Sovereignty Erin O'Sullivan
October 6, 2021 Digital Accelerator & Innovative Solutions Canada Program Canada School of Public Service & Jacob Tummons LED CSPS Digital Academy/CSPS Digital Accelerator

October 21, 2021 COVID-19 Communications with Indigenous Peoples Communications Branch
November 17, 2021 Indigenous Knowledges and Data Governance Protocol Marissa Hill & Sara Wolfe
January 26, 2022 AI-powered IP Innovation for Underrepresented Canadian Communities Dr. Giuseppina (Pina) D’Agostino
February 23, 2022 Dare to Meet the Bear - a project to apply Indigenous and decolonizing methodologies Land and Economic Development Sector, Elizabeth MacDonald
March 16, 2022 Relational Systems Thinking /Transformative Systems Change Melanie Goodchild
April 20, 2022 Ta’n Etli-tpi’tmk and the Mi’kmaq Social Governance Initiative Dale Syliboy, Brian Arbuthnot, Jean Knockwood &

Mathilda Googoo

June 22, 2022 Results of the RBIN Scan Marc Fonda & Monty Moudgil
July 14, 2022 Deconstructing Colonial Practices in the Federal Public Service Jolene Head

Archive RBIN presentations: https://gcdocs.intra.pri/aanc-inac/llisapi.dll/link/103934870

SPP Contacts

  • Pierre Lecours

Social Policy Analyst, Partnerships and Innovation Directorate

  • Monty Moudgil

Social Policy Analyst, Partnerships and Innovation Directorate


  • Marc Fonda

Manager, Partnerships and Innovation Directorate