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ISEO Events
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Below is a list of current activities / events under way, for which ISEO is involved in.

Please note that these events are for Indigenous students only.

Each mentoring session will allow students to discuss and learn about their career progress from the mentors while asking questions. Each session will be facilitated by two or three mentors. During the event, students will be encouraged to engage in a dialogue with the mentor of their choice. The activities will provide Aboriginal student hires with the support and guidance needed to create a meaningful work experience. Following the event, students will be encouraged to meet and continue the dialogue with the mentor of their choice.

Mentors will talk about their careers, their experiences in public service, the challenges they have faced and overcome, and answer questions from students. They come from various levels such as managers, vice-presidents, associate deputy ministers, operations, border officers and more.


To register to ISEO, please fill out the short form here so that you can attend numerous activities such as networking, mentorship, training and other exciting opportunities!

Schedule TBD

Date Time Event Name Host Location Documents/Notes

June 2023

July 2023

August 2023