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Spotlight on Busrides – from the Canada School of Public Service

Busrides is a product of the CSPS Digital Academy, where you can get bite-sized learning from experts, explore topics you may be curious about, and access the tools to enhance your work...all in the span of a short bus ride. You will discover short podcast and video episodes that explore how a digital transformation is taking place right before you.

The CSPS Going Remote Guide (busrides-trajetsenbus.ca) is found on Busrides, with topics ranging from project management, culture, virtual meetings and videoconferencing. There is a special section aimed at managers who are working remotely.

Here are a few recent Busrides posts related to remote working:

Check out Busrides soon. If you have an idea about a topic for Busrides, CSPS wants to hear from you.

Interested in writing or sharing content for busrides.ca?

Do you have a topic to suggest for Busrides? You can pitch your idea! The best pitches:

  • Are less than 200 words
  • Are relevant to most public servants
  • Tie into one of the following themes: Digital Transformation, Data, Cyber Security, Cloud, Agile, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Contains information that can be shared with the Canadian public
  • Recommend tools, philosophies or perspectives a person could use to improve themselves,  or government as a whole
  • Clearly indicates if senior management (above the Director level) needs to approve the content before it can be published

Email your pitch to [[1]] and the Busrides team will respond regarding your pitch within one week. If your pitch is successful, their team will work with you to develop your proposal into a finished episode.

June 2021