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What is GC Jobs Transformation?

As business owner for the current and future recruitment platform, the Public Service Commission (PSC) is responsible for the recruitment component of an end-to-end HR to pay solution and under the GC Jobs Transformation (GCJT) project the PSC is transforming the Government of Canada recruitment solution. Our system is outdated and no longer serves the needs of our users, particularly in a digital age. The new solution will be a flexible, modern, inclusive and user-centric to attract top talent to the Government of Canada now and in the future.

This is a multi- year project which will use a phased approach - where there will be constant evolution based on consultations and feedback.


In 2017-2018 PSC engaged job seekers, hiring managers and HR professionals to tell us their needs through the New Direction in Staffing Interface (NDSi). Through this process, we have learned that there is a need to make the recruitment experience more simplified, seamless and intuitive – that the user needs should be the first considerations.

Building on the NDSi, the PSC is moving to the next phase, through GC Jobs Transformation, of exploring system options to meet the needs of stakeholders. There are several key requirements that still need to be captured. PSC is continuing to have this dialogue with partners and interested parties to gather all requirements in order develop a solution that addresses all recruitment needs.   

Target Groups

The GC Jobs Transformation team is currently conducting series of workshops to explore  areas such as:

  • Resourcing preparation
  • Attracting applicants
  • Conducting assessment
  • Undertaking selection
  • Oversight
  • Systems support
  • Inclusion of competencies and interests
  • Skills validation
  • Assessment
  • Priority entitlement administration
  • Integration of internal workforce data – to minimize data entry
  • Flexibility to customize based on departmental needs
  • Continual feedback mechanism

The workshops are engaging different target groups namely:

1. Job Seekers
Individuals using the system to create a profile, search and apply for jobs and to view the current status of their applications. The focus is to improve the user experience, and communications with job seekers and to simplify the staffing process and the approach to advertisement.
2. Hiring Managers
Individuals who uses the system to post job openings, screen candidates and hire the successful applicants. The focus is improve timing for hiring staff, simplify the staffing process and candidate matching, attract passive candidates and improve volume management.
3. HR Professional
Individuals who are using the system to process candidates from screening applicants to to hiring the candidate(s) based on the policies, essential requirements and other hiring factors that need to be considered. The focus is to simplify the hiring process from end-to-end.

Current status of the project

The GC Jobs Transformation project is currently in the discovery phase.

Phase 0 Pre-Project (2018 – 2021)

The pre-project discovery phase is all about collecting information from job seekers, hiring managers, human resources professionals and stakeholders on their needs with regard to recruitment.

As part of this discovery phase work, the project team will conduct a business process review of the end-to-end staffing process with the intent to streamline the business. A Request for Information was sent out to explore what currently exists in the private sector in terms of recruitment solutions. This provided companies in the recruitment industry with the opportunity to demonstrate their solutions.

The demos will inform the Public Service Commission and help make a decision about the future solution, including how it will be developed.

An options analysis will be completed to determine the best way forward, whether it is to buy, build or a combination of both. In addition, Proof of Concept evaluation will be conducted with selected departments and agencies to further assess the feasibility of commercially available solutions.

For more information about the project phases please visit here!

A few features the GCJT team is interested in...

Features we're interested in

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GCJT Shared Files

The GCJT team is committed to supporting open and transparent government! These files are openly shared with the public and will give insights on progress and updates on the GC Jobs Transformation project.

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