Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/November 9 2021

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  • Reworking non-medical mask content updating:
    • new infographic on types of masks and respirators
    • merging existing infographics to main non-medical masks landing page
    • removing sew/non-sew instructions for mask making
    • about non-medical mask page
  • Next week, updates to the Prevention and Risks page will begin

Forward planning exercise (COVID) - Michael Lawson(Health Canada)

  • Fall 2021 update of areas of interest
    • Topic that are still top of mind:
      • updates to public health measures
      • testing
      • proof of vaccination
    • Areas of interest in the next few months:
      • domestic travel
      • boosters
      • pediatric vaccination
      • flu season
      • what does fully vaccinated mean?
      • long covid - help and resources
      • flu season
    • Trending downwards:
      • covid-19 101 information
      • financial support
        • vaccine hesitancy

Proof of vaccination usability testing

  • On “How to get your Cpvid-19 proof vaccination” page
  • Key findings: Majority of users were able to successfully navigate the “How to get proof” page
    • Confusion between the provincial proof of vaccination and federal proof for those with two different proofs: BC, Quebec and Manitoba

How each jurisdiction tests content in QA virtually

  • BC looking to see how others test web content virtually (prior to the pandemic, use to test in person
  • Federal colleagues:
    • Use a Canada.ca test environment
      • prototypes developed in Github
    • Test folder on the live server, and once the testing is complete the folder is removed
    • Password protected pages

Notes and action items

Presentation:Media:Usability testing PVC Nov3-5 - KeyFindings Deck.pptx

Support for individuals / Provincial and territorial support: