Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/January 19 2021

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Vaccine and travel rollout info/data

  • Most of the vaccine questions at the moment seem to be coming from seniors
  • Another feedback related area “how will I know when it’s my turn to get vaccinated?” - questions around when/ where individuals can get vaccinated
  • Other questions on how many people have been vaccinated - we’ve been seeing this trend up (what’s been administered in their province)
  • Further, tracking shipments in Canada - people are interested in how many/where they’ve been distributed in Canada
  • Other areas of concern have been about safety; we’re now seeing more questions about adverse reaction and if those with specific conditions asking whether they should or should not get vaccinated
  • Susan Harper: if any provinces have updates, please send them to Susan Harper
  • Contact Information for Adverse Events - organized by provinces/territories
  • Susan would like verification that these links are accurate


  1. Corporate IDs - Is Facebook’s individual identity verification something that other jurisdictions require their digital communications staff to provide? Have any governments been able to provide a single corporate identity verification to enable all department or ministry users to post COVID public health campaigns and other ads without providing their personal information? - Samantha Henney, Yukon
  • Samantha (yukon): Facebook has recently made it required that folks get authorization about campaigns, credit, funding - give Facebook a copy of their ID and Facebook sends them back a code to run these campaigns
  • Employees have been apprehensive about sending in personal information
  • Samantha wondering how other teams have managed corporate communications with Facebook, and the sensitivity around personal information/experiences
  • TeresaComplete the Digital identity process (upload their licence and get a unique id in the mail); were not able to get it for corporate identity and it was personal to those who were uploading it
  • MR (a few years ago on another team, ran into this as well)
  • This will be a need in coming years, a corporate ID not for individuals. That issue hasn’t been resolved yet either, but was on a case by case basis
  • Obvious issues of continuity when employees leave their positions
  • Nova Scotia ran into an issue that they weren’t able to post anything about flu vaccines because it was too “political”,were not given a reason, but then the decision was changed
  • Saskatchewan had a similar problem, it’s a small team that runs the GoS central facebook account
  • If there are major issues, they’ve escalated this to the executive council to their Government Relations contact at Facebook
  • Issue for all provinces at the moment is the # of recovered cases not showing accurately via Google
  • MBB and Nova Scotia would like to know if anyone has better information on markup data/ structured data with Google


  1. Presentation: Media:FPT_User_Feedback_Vaccines_Travel_Jan_19.pdf