Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/December 8 2020

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Vaccine update

  • Deck will be posted

What’s published, what’s coming

  • Susan Harper - susan.harper2@canada.ca
  • COVID-19 landing page now links to vaccine content. When provinces and territories have content ready, send URLs to Susan so we can look at how to cross-link
  • Travelling within Canada content is going live very soon. It includes a page linking out to provincial/territorial travel restrictions. When it is live, we’ll let you know. Please check that we are linking to the page you want us to link to. Send corrections to Susan.

DTO newsletter

  • Goes out every month or so. It’s linked from the bottom of the FPT wiki page sign up
  • Any other jurisdictions with newsletters? No, not publicly available at the moment

Round table discussion

How will you be communicating vaccine sites? (same as COVID testing?)

  • Discussion around coordinating terminology between jurisdictions once everyone has their initial content up
  • Health Canada is working on a lexicon - May be helpful to look at Quebec content to synchronize French terminology
  • Chris Bell (Ontario): working with Google to ensure a strategy for vaccine sites (much like the previous assessment centre location details)

Do you get requests for audience-based web content and navigation (like seniors, youth, Indigenous)? How do you handle this? Do you have related research?

  • Susan Harper: We’ve found that audience-based content gets less visits (while it could be also those audiences are smaller) but interested in seeing more on audience-segmented content and duplication being an issue for other folks
  • Kaitlyn Rosenburg (BC): Covid-communications are centralized, and the content is then re-used by various ministries (but there are problems with duplication, and ensuring information is accurate across all groups)
  • David Cox (Ontario) q. How do audience-based navigations and pages perform for SEO and organic search, compared to topic-based pages?
  • COVID-19 support for X: (an audience section within a large topic) is how Ontario has been dealing with audience-based content
  • Gillian (BC): We try to be topic based first, and use SEO as a consideration but the audience-based content currently seems like a barrier (noticed when searching that users don’t mention their audience, only what they are searching for)
  • Martin Boucher (QC): Have removed all audience-based segmentation, as it was too complex and now all topic-based (issues prior with being inclusive or exclusive to other audience); users search for the topic and not their audience
  • Allan Lawlor (Nova Scotia): Have also used the Gerry McGovern research to organize via tasks, and not so much audience (also the realities of users being across multiple audiences - which would then have more duplication across the sites)
  • Laura Piper (DTO/Federal): We often see audience-specific content when there is a Minister dedicated to the audience
  • Our previous COVID-19 Indigenous project showed again that users didn’t tend to search as an Indigenous audience but rather task-focused
  • There are still requests where those developing the content are looking to develop audience-based content
  • Research on audience-based vs when there is exceptions; if anyone has research please forward to DTO and we’ll share with the group to help support when responding to requests for audience-based navigation

Call for future discussion topics

  • Status update on vaccine content (next meeting)
  • Language and connection on vaccine clinics
  • Digital content / Service teams in a post-COVID world
  • Vaccines and gradual reopenining
  • Keeping high-priority rushed content accessible
  • Lessons learned
  • Future of group post-COVID...should keep it going as it is a valuable community