Federal Provincial Territorial COVID-19 web management working group/August 18 2020

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  1. Updates
  2. Official languages - Christina Carrigan and Umesh Sutendra
  3. Next steps


  • NWT and PEI have expressed interest to do the top task survey (with Gerry McGovern)
  • Teams can reach out to DTO if interested
  • Covid-19 app is live; ~ 2mil downloads
  • Samira Hammoud: Thrive app launched in the Spring; was launched quickly and didn’t have full assessment
  • A few accessibility issues are being worked on now
  • The alert app is being rolled out nationally, but by provinces at different times.
  • Ontario is the only app that has a one time key at the moment
  • Working on onboarding provinces and territories currently with digital offices; digital chiefs and minister offices
  • DTO: Working on a wizard (proactive disclosure) for travelling into/in Canada
  • Hoping to have it shared for next meeting

Official languages - Christina Carrigan and Umesh Sutendra

COVID19 Official Language Presentation (PPT)

  • How the NWT been communicating with 11 official languages (traditional and new media)
  • Context: 33 communities; vast land and 12 communities are fly-in only and very low literacy levels (70% of indigenous adults are below level 3 of international functional literacy standard in English)
  • 9 Indigenous languages divided into 3 groups with sub-communities
  • Challenges:
  • oral vs written/read
  • Websites don’t support Inuktitut/TtichQ unicode fonts
  • Digital limitations
  • Translation timing/access
  • Distribution channels:
  • Government services officers (GSO) available in person at all services
  • Relationships with the communities + Indigenous governments
  • Community radio
  • Social media
  • Print media
  • Building new structures
  • Covid-19 website (amalgamated all the information into one website)
  • Community Kits (google drive)
  • Tactics
  • Website; radio broadcast; audio files for sharing; psa videos; premier video broadcasts; fact sheets; paid/organic social
  • Lessons learned
  • Understanding context
  • Leverage existing platforms/structure
  • Merging traditional and new media
  • Active engagement
  • Perfection is the enemy


  • Thrive health: Currently working on accessibility issues and some language issues
  • FPT table social media : Email DTO/Mary-Beth to get details for this