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  • Promote the use of the second official language in internal written communications by encouraging employees to add an image below their signature block when they wish to inform the recipient that they are writing in their second official language.
    • Why not take the opportunity to be creative and display the colors of your institution? As an example, here is the image that was developed at Telefilm Canada.


  • Present an official languages award to your institution's employees.
    • Examples from several federal institutions are presented in this discussion thread on the Community of Official Languages (GCcollab).
  • Host a second-language book or movie club, with lunchtime discussion periods.
  • Organize a month of daily linguistic duality challenges.
    • Here is the initiative developed by the Public Service Commission of Canada.
  • Set a day when all meetings are held in our second language.
  • Initiate a dialogue with your institution's employees using the Dare to Discuss questions.
    • You can organize a discussion workshop using this template or present the Dare! videos to start the discussion.


  • Recruit speakers and organize a virtual talk on official languages.
  • Organize a virtual or pre-recorded dictation. You or your deputy head could give the dictation to the participants.
  • Consult your institution's employees as part of a vox pop on linguistic duality.
    • Why not call on your institution's communications team? They often have original ideas.
  • Include a quiz from the Language Portal of Canada, the Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages or the Canada School of Public Service. You could even develop a quiz on the history of your institution.
  • Organize a talent, drawing or song competition.
    • Here is an example of the meme war organized by the Official Languages Committee of the Prairie Federal Council.
  • For more information on events related to official languages, please visit this page.
    • Here is a theme kit presenting some ideas for activities to mark International Day of La Francophonie.


Do you have other ideas to share? Please let us know and we will add them to this list.