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On April 9th, 2020, the GC Coordinated model & GC Digital Core template strategy was endorsed by GCEARB which included the following components:

  • Implementation of a “GC Coordinated Model” to enable the GC-wide transition to S/4 HANA and to deliver financial management transformation, utilizing a new operating and governance model.
  • Implementation of a “GC Digital Core” to support the transformation, which would have functionality built once, and used everywhere. This will accelerate implementations, avoid duplicative costs, and reduce the risk in transition to S/4 HANA.
  • Maximize technical architecture.
  • Maximize deployment options / clustering by reducing the number of SAP instances within the GC. This approach should significantly reduce the investments and the on-going operating costs, moving forward

In summary and in practical terms, the proposed strategy suggests that we:

  • In partnership with OGDs, standardize approximately 70% of our financial processes (paying a bill is paying a bill…) across the GC and let Departments “customize” 30% to meet their specific needs.
  • Encourage / enable the “clustering” concept across GC; preliminary assessments suggest going from 18 instances to 11.

Coordinated model & GC Digital Core template strategy: High level release strategy  

  • DCP GC Digital Core Release 2: Planning underway, and Information to be shared with departments in December
  • Business Authority, Setting the stage for Release Management
  • Business Process Owner Board: December 2020
  • Launch of Digital Comptrollership Program Website: December 2020

Reference Materials[edit | edit source]


Team of Architects who will define and maintain the target architecture and overall roadmap

Review board with 2 representatives from each cluster to finalise all proposals from the arb and COE to the business authority



Team of business and functional experts per line of business with Business Process Owners as Co-Leads, endorsing decisions DCFOs

Business Process Owners’ role is to maintain process integrity, review and validate business requirements and master data per line of business


Application Lifecycle Management (right)

Link to the criteria of when to come to EARB as well as the mandatory procedures to be incorporated.

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Release Management (right)

GC Enterprise Architecture and the Architecture Standard including the GC view of B-I-A-T-S+P.

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Operations Guide (left)

“Presenter” intake presentation to be completed by departments.

French Presenter Template


Departmental Checklist (Right)

Link to TBS directive with detailed requirements for APIs.