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About vExpo

vExpo is a virtual event platform product developed in-house by the Canada School of Public Service Technology Lab (CSPS Tech Lab) team. This event portal aims to enhance the participants’ experience by providing access to all event information from one central location, while making it engaging and easy to use. Participants can navigate a virtual lobby and browse through the event material, live presentations, and an exhibit area that showcases virtual kiosks where event partners can promote and share information on their products and services.

This innovation project was launched following the shift to virtual events as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first iteration of the product was first used at an event in June 2020, and has since continued to evolve. While vExpo continues to be used for large virtual events (i.e. conferences), work continues to iterate on the product, leveraging and experimenting with modern and immersive technologies to bring new features and experiences to virtual events.

The information below will help answer some questions you may have related to vExpo.

How do I navigate the vExpo website?  

Watch this short video (YouTube) to learn how to navigate the web site and make the most of your virtual event experience.

vExpo Lobby

When accessing the event lobby, use your mouse to hover over the clickable areas (also known as hotspots). A description card will appear at the bottom of your screen, letting you know where you will be directed if you click on the link.

Example: Identification of vExpo lobby hotspots.
Lobby navigation EnCA.png

The vExpo lobby includes the following hotspots*, such as:

  • Program - links to the event’s program to view the presentations, times, speakers, etc.  
  • Bios - links to the biographies of the event’s speakers.
  • The Main Event screen - links to the main event’s live webcast, or event recording, when available.
  • The side banners - links to the event’s additional presentations or breakout sessions.
  • The networking area - links to a collaboration tool where you can have discussions with other participants, moderators or representatives.
  • The kiosk area - links to an exhibit area where you can visit virtual kiosks to learn more about various organizations, programs or initiatives.

* Note that some hotspots may not be activated during some events.

Virtual Kiosks

The virtual kiosk uses similar navigation to the vExpo lobby. To view the kiosk information, simply use your mouse to hover over the kiosk hotspots. As you move your mouse over the different kiosk areas, you will be able to zoom in to see the content in greater details. A description card will appear at the bottom of the screen, letting you know where you will be directed if you click on the link. Click on the hotspot to navigate to the organization's content.

Use the arrow buttons to rotate the kiosk and view information on the other kiosk panels.
Kiosk navigation EnCA.png

Language and accessibility toggles

At any time, you can change the language of the site by clicking on the language toggle button at the top right of the screen.

You can also use the accessibility toggle to view the accessible version of the vExpo site.

Is vExpo mobile friendly?

Yes! When accessing vExpo from a mobile device, you will automatically be redirected to the mobile site. However, we recommend using a desktop with a modern browser to get the best virtual experience possible.

What device and browser should I use to view vExpo?

We recommend accessing the event website from your desktop and using a modern web browser (e.g., Google Chrome) to get the full vExpo experience. Note that you will be redirected to the mobile/accessible site if using a mobile device or unsupported web browser.  

If you are having difficulties accessing the site, try changing or updating your web browser (see the list of “Supported Browsers”).

Who can use vExpo?

vExpo is available for use by the Canada School of Public service (CSPS), partner departments, and other Government of Canada (GC) organizations to support larger-scale events. View the list of criteria to determine if vExpo is a good fit for hosting your event.