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Welcome to the vExpo Wiki!

vExpo is the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) virtual event platform. This event portal aims to enhance the participants’ experience by providing access to all event information from one central location, while making it engaging and easy to use.

vExpo Lobby

The vExpo lobby allows participants to browse through event material, live presentations, and the exhibit area that showcases a series of virtual kiosks. The lobby provides direct access to all event material, such as:

  • Main presentation (e.g. webcast)
  • Breakout sessions (where applicable)
  • Event information and material (agenda, speaker biographies)
  • Collaboration tools (e.g. networking, chat, Q&A)
  • Kiosks

Example of 3D Lobby

vExpo Kiosk

The virtual kiosks are used by departments, communities, and program areas to showcase their initiatives and share information about their products and services, in a visual and interactive format. The kiosks can be integrated as part of a vExpo, Web presence or promotional package. Kiosks usually include:

  • Kiosk name (name of the department or initiative)
  • Content (visuals and decorative text with links to websites, videos, etc.)
  • Contact information (email, social media)

Canada School of Public Service - view live kiosk.

Example of 3D kiosk

vExpo Knowledge Base

This resource has been created to help guide vExpo clients (event hosts and kiosk owners) through the creation of their product. Before you start, please read the vExpo Content Requirements carefully.

vExpo Content Requirements

CSPS is committed to offer content and products that are fully accessible and inclusive. Event hosts and kiosk owners are responsible for the hosting and management of content and third party tools accessible through the vExpo platform and ensuring they meet the requirements under the Official Languages Act, Copyright Act and the Standard on Web Accessibility.

All content to be included in a vExpo lobby and kiosks must:

  • Be available on the web (e.g. department site, GCwiki, GCpedia, Youtube, etc.) so that we can link to it directly. Note: CSPS will not host any content or event material such as PDF, videos, Word, PPT, etc.
  • Be available in both official languages
  • Be fully accessible (i.e readable using assistive technology, alt text, transcripts, closed captions, etc.)

The vExpo is available publicly on the web for anyone to see and access.

  • Event hosts and kiosk owners are responsible for working with there organization's communications team to review and approved the content.
  • By default, all content made available via the lobby and kiosks should:
    • have open access to be viewed publicly, without login or restricted permissions;
    • have the appropriate copyrights to be shared publicly.