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Pathfinders @ CSPS

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Pathfinders are committed to enabling talent within and beyond the Government of Canada by testing a variety of initiatives, ideas and approaches to shift systems and norms for finding, growing, and applying talent across Canada's public service.

PARTNERSHIPS Shaping the future of work together.

We are pursuing innovation across the system. Based at the Canada School of Public Service, we work with core partners in and beyond the Government of Canada to co-design, co-create and co-finance pathfinder projects that matters.

•Get results to unlock talent and skills to support your missions.

•Benefit from R&D. Find out how research and development can help you get your best work done.

•Access a team of entrepreneurs to help support your most experimental work.

•Join a community of peers who are actively working to enable talent


Human Resources Business Intelligence (HRBI)

The Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) and Statistics Canada are partnering to develop a skills inventory, beginning with data collection in areas such as employee education, professional designations and certifications, areas of strength, and areas of interest for future learning. While the skills inventory will be initially piloted with CSPS and Statistics Canada, there is potential to scale the initiative to other interested Government of Canada organisations. Skills information will allow managers to access more readily available data on skills and competencies to meet changing or emerging business objectives in a more agile manner. HRBI can also support your organizational efforts in

•Talent management;

•Identification of gaps in skills and training;

•Career planning and professional development;

•Communities of practice; and

•Forecasting learning needs

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People Exchange

The People Exchange initiative aims to generate insights from the world and apply them to public service. It is dedicated to less paperwork, simple connections, and more learning. Both provide Government of Canada employees the chance to understand and develop innovation competencies in practical settings. The People Exchange currently has two active projects: Externships, and the Paper Plane Exchange. The Externship project is a way to facilitate longer-term placements for Government of Canada staff to leave the organization and return with new knowledge, skills and awareness. The Paper Plane Exchange is a way to enable light-touch, shorter term experiential learning opportunities across organizations. By developing the Paper Plane Exchange, CSPS is also testing wayfinding tools that will be of service to a wide variety of short and long term mobility programs to encourage cross-sectoral, cross-organizational collaboration.


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Canada’s Free Agent

This pilot is a talent management initiative. We build and test holistic talent management prototypes that aim to answer the question: “How can we build our public service capacity to innovate and solve problems so that we can better serve Canadians?” An essential part of our operations is working in the open, gathering data, and sharing stories about what we’ve learned and useful tools and systems that we develop so that other parts of the public service can benefit. Here are some of the tools that we are testing: • Hiring for innovation attributes like creativity, curiosity, team-orientation, problem-solving, empathy • 360-feedback • Focused career development tools including: Career Playbook, Career Development Plan • Peer coaching circles • Second language learning challenges • Peer to peer learning

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Predictive Hiring

An experimental project using data and statistics to inform hiring decisions by identifying: 1) the qualifications that lead to superior on-the-job performance, and 2) the assessment methods and tools that are the best predictors of performance. The project seeks to uncover the data that the public service must collect and connect systematically in order to make staffing, recruitment, and performance management more efficient and effective. We will share openly the learnings from these experiments so that the practical application of the findings can be implemented by hiring managers and HR advisors as the project unfolds.

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Brand new Program in prototype mode that makes it easy for indeterminate employees to gain experience in different policy functions across the public service and for managers to benefit from multi-disciplinary teams. XFN is currently seeking assignments for participants second rotation in October 2019.

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Pilot program being developed by CSPS to support flexible work, telework, remote work as well as distributed teams. The initial objective of the program is to provide team experiential training, productivity support tools, access to new technology and create a community of practice so that public service work can be done from anywhere.

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