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As much of the public service shifted unexpectedly to virtual in spring 2020, the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS) Event Management Services struck a ‘Going Virtual Tiger Team’ to explore effective options for the virtual delivery of its offerings, both in terms of experience design, and the selection and integration of technologies. This portion of work focused on hosting virtual standalone gatherings, specifically meetings, collaborative sessions, corporate events, and conferences. Through this forum, employees at CSPS developed and curated a range of job-aids, placemats, checklists, and decks to meet operational needs. Below, you will find resources that might help your team continue to develop and delivery quality events in virtual spaces.

Please note that these resources are up to date as of August 2020, unless otherwise indicated – MS Teams and other platforms continue to push updates on a regular basis. Many of these resources remain in development, or continue to be road-tested around the School - feel free to use, adapt, or refine these resources as needed for the context of your team and work.

There are other helpful document and resource repositories that will support your team in remote and virtual collaboration, learning, and event design and delivery:


Platform-Specific Job Aids

Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) Resources
Meeting Invitation Placemat This placemat can be sent along with Outlook invitations for events or meetings in MS Teams. It outlines the basic meeting functions of Teams. (Document is EN/FR)
Meeting Interface Placemat This placemat would help a producer or facilitator do a live walk-through of MS Teams functions during a tech dry run with participants. It is a visual explanation of the meeting interface on desktop and mobile platforms of MS Teams. (Document is EN/FR)
Producer Checklist

(EN / FR)

This is a checklist/guide for producers coordinating collaborative sessions or small presentations in MS Teams. As with the tech dry run guide, it is meant for MS Teams, but could also easily be adapted.
Tech Dry Run Guide

(EN / FR)

This is a guide for a ‘session 0’ tech check-in with participants before the learning event/session proper. While it is specific to MS Teams, it could easily be adapted for another platform as needed.

Microsoft has developed a series of short support videos should you require MS Teams-related help. Please also make sure to check Microsoft's What's New in Microsoft Teams update page for the latest features and functions.

Zoom Resources
Zoom: An Introduction This placemat can be sent along with Outlook invites for events or meetings in Zoom. Document is EN/FR. Please note that this document has not been updated since late March 2020
Zoom: Privacy and Security Tips A quick outline of precautions and practices to secure Zoom meetings. EN only. Please note that this document has not been updated since early April 2020.
WebEx Training Resources
How to Navigate in WebEx This introduction to the functions and tools of WebEx Training can be sent to participants before a virtual session to help familiarize them with the platform (EN)
WebEx Technical Slides A quick outline of the functions and tools of WebEx Training that would help a producer or facilitator do a live walkthrough of the platform with participants. (EN/FR)
Using Breakout Rooms Job-Aid A guide to setting up and troubleshooting breakout sessions (EN)
Aide-mémoire : L'utilisation des sondages et jeux-questionnaires Un guide pour des activités interactives en WebEx Training (FR)
External Pilot Template: Welcome Letter to Participants (EN / FR) This welcome letter was sent to participants as part of a CSPS pilot offering. Please feel free to use this as a starting point for your own welcome letters, especially those for events involving WebEx Training.
External Pilot Template: Participant Guide (EN / FR) This guide was sent to participants as part of a CSPS pilot offering. Please feel free to use this as a starting point, or take inspiration from it as you design your own virtual sessions.

Design and Delivery Resources

Logistics and Planning Resources
Virtual Events Checklist for Panelists and Speakers (EN) A detailed guide for panelists and speakers involved in virtual events.
Aide-mémoire à l'intention des orateurs et des panélists (Virtualisation) (FR) Un guide détaillé pour les panélistes et les orateurs qui participent à des événements virtuels.
Business Line Event Checklist A CSPS-specific guide to event design, preparation, and delivery. For those outside the school, it is an excellent starting point involving steps, questions, and considerations for anyone planning an event from scratch. (EN)
Tips for Using Visual Aids During Virtual Events Will you be using a PowerPoint presentation during your portion of a virtual event? If so, you might want to consider these tips.
Conseils sur l’utilisation de supports visuels lors d’événements virtuels Comptez-vous utiliser une présentation PowerPoint lors d’un événement virtuel? Si oui, ces conseils pourraient vous être utiles.
Best Practices for Virtual Sessions An overview of best practices for preparation, delivery, and post-session follow-up to small-scale virtual gatherings (EN)
CSPS - EMS Platform Evaluation Grid The results of the EMS-led events OPI's analysis of virtual event platforms.
Protocols for speakers participating onsite during COVID-19 (EN First / FR First) A CSPS-specific guide for speakers attending onsite events.
Facilitation Resources
Facilitation Essentials: Designing Successful Virtual Gatherings Intro to 3 key elements to designing successful virtual gatherings
Les éléments essentiels de la facilitation: Concevoir des rassemblements virtuels réussis Introduction aux trois éléments essentiels de la conception de rassemblements virtuels efficaces
A Guide to Hosting and Harvesting Meaningful Conversations in Virtual Spaces Co-created by Art of Hosting facilitators, May 2020
Leading Groups Online: A Down and Dirty Guide to Leading Online Courses, Meetings, Trainings, and Events During the Coronavirus Pandemic By Jeanne Rewa and Daniel Hunter. © 2020 Daniel Hunter and Jeanne Rewa. Shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (link to license) - no changes made.
Lessons Learned / Products from Existing Events
MS Teams Meetings for Briefing - Lessons Learned Reflections on an early MS Teams Briefings to identify areas for improvement (Document is EN only)
Events and Multimedia Services - Lessons Learned Reflections on the work of the EMS-Led Events OPI and on delivering virtual events (Docuement is EN / FR)