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Welcome to the Canada School of Public Service Digital Academy

The Digital Academy is the CSPS digital and data business line. It supports the Government of Canada’s ​vision for a digital and data literate workforce by designing and delivering learning products for all public servants to gain knowledge and ​develop skills and competencies for the digital era.

Our Learning Resources by Theme

  • Digital Government [Learn about digital government and what digital looks like in the Canadian government context]
  • Data [Build core data competencies for ever-improving data literacy across the public service]
  • Digital Leadership [Introduce leaders to the culture, practices, and delivery approaches that change governments]
  • Service Design [Introduce design practices grounded in a human-centered approach that puts people’s needs, wants, and experiences at the core of any product, service, or solution design and development]
  • Cloud [Understand why cloud computing is essential, the types of service models and why the government should adopt a “cloud-smart” approach]
  • Cyber Security [Learn to recognize potential threats and how to protect yourself, digital information, and the systems we use]
  • Agile [Introduces the concepts, tools, practices, and behaviors that support a culture of agility in the modern workplace]
  • Artificial Intelligence [Learn about how AI shapes our world and grasp the relationship between AI and data. Discover how AI can be applied to a modernized, high-performing public service]
  • Emerging Technology [Discover emerging technologies and their capabilities. Learn about their regulatory requirements to facilitate their adoption across the government]
  • Product Management [Introduce product management practices to build a product-oriented mindset and skills needed to develop and deliver products and services with users in mind]

Our Learning Resources by Type


A suite of foundational courses touching on various digital topics within the Government of Canada context will help equip you with the necessary and relevant knowledge, skills, and techniques to succeed in the digital era.


With the mission to broaden and deepen digital literacy, Microlearning offers blogs, articles, videos, and designed around short learning objectives on digital, data, and modern government topics that appeal to multiple learning styles.

CSPS Digital Accelerator

The Digital Accelerator provides an opportunity for public servants to learn about and practice collaborative, open, human-centered, and iterative ways to define problems and develop solutions. Through a mix of online self-paced and facilitated virtual workshops, participants will address real business problems facing their organization and work together to develop a concrete solution to resolve them.​​​​


A range of learning events, from lectures and presentations to interactive talk show-style formats, that gather experts and leaders in digital transformation and government.

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