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The Automated / Connected Vehicle Gateway
How to Register

Public Servants & Academics

Canadian public servants (federal, provincial, territorial and municipal), as well as academics and students of all Canadian universities and colleges can register on GCcollab and request to join the Gateway by using their government or school email address.

Fill out the form on:

  1. Confirm your account once the validation email arrives by clicking on the validation link in the email.
  2. Login to GCcollab and join the Gateway.

Build your profile

Allow your colleagues and future partners to find you by building your profile – simply add your experiences, skills and contact information. You can also import information from your LinkedIn profile.

If you receive an "Invalid email notice", select "Submit a Ticket" from the GCcollab help page to reach the help desk.

Partners & Stakeholders

Stakeholders and partners interested in collaborating on GCcollab with the ACV Gateway can request an invitation via email.