March 21, 2023 - Web governance models

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Web governance models - approaches, lessons learned, processes

●    How do you set up effective models?

●    What works and what doesn’t in your jurisdiction?

●    How do you coordinate efforts between teams and get everyone moving forward together?



  • Central group looking at flow and findability
    • Lead web content administrators plus 4-12 others to support each department
  • Use the Last updated date to identify content that needs review and will reach out to ask content owners to either update the content or update the Last updated date to show that the content has been validated recently
  • Changing to Google Analytics 4 this spring
    • Reports for all departments and external campaigns
    • Building main reports and sub reports for programs and campaigns
    • Will provide reports to each Web Content Administrator so they can keep track of the status of their files
    • Creating topic specific analytics dashboards as a way to show performance and trigger a more proactive and strategic approach to content management


  • Internet Advisory Council
    • Volunteers from all different groups
    • Community of practice with 40-80 members
    • Leverage the ‘hive mind’ to identify content that people should collaborate on
    • Share advances in technology and UX
    • Advocate for the importance of UX and search as well as the need to increase the number of content writer and strategist roles to connect services
  • Manager of connected content
    • New team of content designers who will provide leadership, increase quality of content
    • Offer office hours to help train people in content design – people can ask questions, guest speakers come to talk to the group
    • Use a channel in MS Teams where people can ask questions, get ideas to take the focus off trainers and let the whole community support each other
  • Brand consistency
    • Key to tying it all together for the public
    • Build trust within the community to adhere to the brand – this needs executive level support


  • A centralized team in an oversight role is helpful
  • Groups put in place to create guidance and governance without the authority to enforce doesn’t work
  • Work on relationships with the executive level - focus on gathering data and highlighting risk
  • “Content cops” and tech are not enough – you need people
  • Focus on smaller content buckets to move faster
  • A design system helps standardize look and feel, maintain brand consistency
    • Reusable code library – giving people the HTML and CSS - isn’t  enough, they need extensive documentation to implement consistently
    • Relationship building is key – you need people to answer questions
    • Guidance needs to be a living thing – you have to maintain it and it has to be responsive
    • Demand constantly outstrips capacity